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You have probably heard the term proactivity in your work, but why is it important? The proactivity refers to the ability of an individual to stay active and in control of their behavior, we leave you a list of reasons why this attitude will help you feel fully.

  • A proactive person achieves results and is capable of facing any type of crisis.

  • When you do not get what you want, you ask the reasons and you try to improve.

  • At the time of developing activities identical to those of another person, they usually stand out for doing it better.

  • Faced with a labor reality that is constantly changing, the proactive person knows how to adapt and does not stay behind.

  • Proactive people not only know how to adapt to changes, but know how to generate them to improve the places where they are.

  • Proactivity is attractive. When a person seeks to improve constantly, it attracts people who think in a similar way.

  • He is the leader of his own life, knows his capacities and limits and acts according to them.

  • A proactive person is creative. Companies identify them and take them into account for making new decisions or for the creation of new projects.

  • It is difficult for a proactive person to be paralyzed in a conflict. Normally they know the ways in which they can get ahead because they assume from the beginning all the possible results of their actions.

  • Proactivity generates self-confidence because of its potential to always improve.

  • A proactive person knows how to distinguish between what he wants and what hurts him, so it is easier for him to be true to his principles.

  • It is not just about challenging and questioning the rules, but about knowing how to provide better possibilities to eradicate the errors that are identified.

  • A proactive person will have a life with better quality. The moment you do not feel comfortable, you can modify your way until you find the right one.

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