Physical signs that they are lying to you

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Surely more than once you have suspected that they are lying to you. This happens more often than we would like to accept. The problem is that we do not always know if this is real or not and it generates uncertainty.

Therefore, this time we want to talk about the physical signs that they are lying to you. The human body is designed to demonstrate what it really thinks. Because of this, when someone lies, it generates very specific signals. Here we describe them, learn them and do not be surprised by the liars. Take note and you will see how useful it is to know this.

Constantly changing the head of position

The first symptom that they are lying to you is that the person who does it will change the position of their head constantly. It usually happens when you ask a question that forces you to lie. This change is due to the fact that formulating a false answer forces us to operate both sides of our brain. This allows formulating a response that seems real based on known facts.

Also, while the person is creating their lie, they will avoid eye contact. This action is done unintentionally and is very difficult to control. It usually happens because the liar wishes to prevent you from seeing his lie and shame.

Changes in breathing pattern

When you suspect that you are lying, analyze if the person has changed their breathing pattern. You can breathe faster or slower than usual. You can see changes such as redness of the skin of the neck and face.

It will also be obvious that the person's nostrils open in greater time and dimension. You can corroborate the lie by asking difficult questions and seeing how the person's breathing is affected. To this will be added other physical changes, such as excessive head movement.

The body is covered with arms

An obvious characteristic of being lied to is trying to protect the body. This is a very primitive instinct and involves crossing the arms. You will have an impression that there is a barrier between the other person and you.

Sometimes you can feel that at any time you could be attacked. The reason for this behavior is that the mind feels that it must demonstrate security.

Phrases or words are repeated

Another physical sign that they are lying to you is that the person repeats the same phrases over and over again. Unlike someone who tells the truth, the liar will have learned a script. Therefore, you will hear the same words several times in the same order.

This is very different from when you ask about a particular event and the other person describes it to you. In this case, it will tell you the same thing but with different words. When they are lying to you, the only thing the liar wants is to prevent you from hesitating. To achieve this, you will have learned a script and will not be mistaken in anything or change what you say. This makes him feel protected and safe.

Move your feet

You should not only see the hands, mouth and nose of those who you think are lying to you. He also watches his feet and how they stand. A person who seeks to hide something will constantly move his feet.

It will be supported first in one and then in another with a few minutes difference. Another symptom is that you start to move your legs uncontrollably if you are sitting. Make sure it is a lie and not a habit.

What to do if they are lying to you?

If you think you are lying, you have two options. You can continue listening without doing anything to avoid conflicts or you can face the person directly. We recommend analyzing what is the best decision according to the severity of the lie and how important the person is to you.


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