7 fundamental values in a democracy

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Democracy, as a modern political system, is a way of living in society, which is only viable if it is based on a set of values, such as freedom, equality, justice, respect, tolerance, pluralism and participation.


Democracy, as a modern political system, is a way of living in society, which is only viable if it is based on a set of values, such as freedom, equality, justice, respect, tolerance, pluralism and participation. .

These values, which are fundamental for its functioning, are the result of the evolution of our societies. Next, we expose you the 7 most important values ​​of democracy.

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Freedom is fundamental for a democratic system, because it guarantees the individual the possibility of self-government. This means that a person is not obliged to assume or comply with those obligations or links that do not accept as valid.

Freedom guarantees the individual to participate voluntarily in the political actions and decisions that concern him. However, freedom can not be unlimited; ends where the others' begins.

In a democracy, freedom, as a form of political and social participation, translates into freedom of expression, of thought, of assembly, of association, of demonstration, of suffrage, among others.


Equality is a principle according to which the State must guarantee that all citizens have the same rights and obligations, without favoring or belittling one or another individual or group.

In the political and social life of a democracy, the right of everyone must be respected regardless of skin color, sex, religion, origin or purchasing power.

In equality there is no, for the State, rich or poor, better or worse, employers or workers, but only a class of individuals: the citizen.


Justice, the rule of law, legality and its institutionality, permanence and stability are fundamental for the existence of a democracy, since this can not exist if there is no respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.


Within a democracy, social and interpersonal relationships must be within a framework of mutual respect. Respect is not only fundamental for harmonious coexistence, but also for there to be justice, freedom, equality, tolerance and pluralism.


Participation is a key element of the democratic system, because thanks to this power lies in the vote, which is a manifestation of popular sovereignty.

In democracy, we all have the right to participate with proposals and ideas and to subject them to consular to choose, under the principle of the majority and respect for their will, what direction to take as a collective.


Pluralism implies recognition, respect and appreciation of the diversity and complexity of individuals and groups that are part of society.

Certainly, before the law and before the State, we are all equal, however, in reality we all have different interests, needs, points of view, beliefs or ideologies.

Pluralism embraces this reality, because it understands that there can not be a single conception of the world, and that social reality is multiple, like the individuals that coexist in it.


Tolerance is an essential value in a democratic society because it allows us to live and coexist with plurality in a respectful and harmonious way. In tolerance, the other is an equal whose particularities and differences we respect and value.



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