Information About Time Management Tips

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Information About Time Management Tips


Time Management Tips

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  • This will teach you personal time management skills.

  • These are the simple, practical techniques that have helped the leading people in business, sport and public service reach the pinnacles of their careers.

  • The skills we explain help you become highly effective by showing you how to identify and focus on the activities that give you the greatest returns.

  • Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity

  • Investing in these time management activities will actually save you time, helping you work smarter, not harder. What's more, these same techniques help you beat work overload - a key source of stress.

  • A task list (also to-do list or things-to-do) is a list of tasks to be completed, such as chores or steps toward completing a project.


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Causes of Wastes of Time

  • Spending time on Unimportant work-
  • Lack of Action plan-
  • Lack of Direction-
  • Procrastination
  • No Schedule of Work activities-


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Analyze how you spend your time

  • As you tally your time by categories, ascertain the time you spent unproductively.

  • Understand all your non-productive, wasteful activities. Identify,

  • Time spent doing things that do not directly contribute to your short- and long-term goals and, hence, should not be done at all.

  • By analyzing your activity you will be able to identify and eliminate
    time-wasting or low-yield jobs. You will also know the times of day at which you are most effective, so that you can carry out your most important tasks during these times.

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Make a Action plan

  • Action Plan is a simple list of all of the tasks that you need to carry out to achieve an objective. It differs focuses on the achievement of a single goal.
  • Create a timeline-Get a piece of paper. On the left hand side write the letter A, on the right hand side write the letter B. Then simply draw a line from A to B. Now that you have this piece of paper with A on one side and B on the other, you are ready to start creating your timeline which will eventually become your action plan.


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Schedule your Time Effectively

  • Scheduling is the process by which you look at the time available to you, and plan how you will use it to achieve the goals you have identified.

  • Understand what you can realisticaly achieve with your time;

  • Plan to make the best use of the time available;

  • Leave enough time for things you absolutely must do;

  • Preserve contingency time to handle 'the unexpected'; and

  • Minimize stress by avoiding over-commitment to yourself and others.


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very well explanation
this the must thing for us
office,social,kids school,home,friends,party,excursions,and this crypto market.,lots of planning needed to handle all this


Oh that's alright. I like you!

@risingstars yes you are time management is important in every aspect of life to achieve something in life @cleverbot

Yes and so are you.


Time is all, it is irony.

I'll be applying your tips in my life. thank you

Really awesome work i like it amaxing blog post

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Thank u for sharing these information, its very helpful.

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Good tips for maximizing time utility. The one major tip is to make a action plan and successfully implement it. That in turn will make your vision successful and keep one motivated always to spend time wisely.

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Useful post bro

Nice post... Very motivated

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really very good information about time management. up voted to you.

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I think time management skill one of the great skill to have. By the great article my friend

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Bitter truth is youngster spent most of their time in mobile phones.

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@risingstars I would say it's very energetic and enthusiastic article because TIME is always running and action in intime work is called the correct action.

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