Uca Crab (Fiddler Crab): Unique and Adorable Crab

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Today i will following my photo to the #contest #animalphotography
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Setting Camera | f/7.1 | 1/30 sec | ISO-200 | Focal Length 300 mm


Setting Camera | f/7.1 | 1/30 sec | ISO-200 | Focal Length 300 mm


Setting Camera | f/7.1| 1/30 sec | ISO-200 | Focal Length 300 mm

Mangrove ecosystem is a habitat for various Animals, Various Animals include simple protozoa to birds, reptiles and mammals also exist in Mangrove Forest, which makes mangroves as a place to live, find food, play or breeding ground for the animals.

Uca Crab or also called Fiddler Crab has 97 species spread in mangrove forests, swamps, and on sandy or muddy beach where the habitat is located. Uca Crab has a funny behavior that is eating, fighting and mating, all done at the same time. This crab is a small crab (the largest cuman about 2-3 cm) Like all crabs, Uca Crabs experience moulting or shell change as they grow (like a skin on a snake). In this moulting process, claws and legs that have been broken before will appear again in place of the broken legs.

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