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RE: What's Your Favorite Climate Change Study?

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What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change - Funded by Google and published by IEEE. No idea who peer reviewed it.

The main weakness I see is that they hand-waved away their main conclusion with some vague talk about disruptive innovation.

Bottom line: There's no way to reverse climate change with existing or foreseeable technology. So it really doesn't matter if it's man made or natural. We should follow Google's example and stop wasting money on it. Let's all just start getting along with each other again and focus on global prosperity so that we can adapt to whatever changes come our way.

Unfortunately, most of the public debate is of a political and pseudo-religious nature, so the science doesn't really matter. Virtually no one will be persuaded - either way - by scientific arguments.


Well, we started a discussion.

Translation... The shit storm of a fight broke out. :)

lol. Guess that's why mom always told me not to talk about politics or religion. ; -)

No one is talking about reversing climate change. Scientists are talking about limiting climate change to a certain degree to make it decently livable for our future offsprings on this planets.

For short term thinkers, we should really not spend money on this and let the future generations solve this. I think we should've done this always during the history of mankind. Like, when we had acid rain, what's the problem, they shouldn't have cared about it.

Long term thinkers have the humility to realize that they cannot know all the different problems that will be faced by future generations, and that money that's wasted on one problem can't be used to solve another. So the long term thinkers don't waste resources trying to solve an unsolvable problem. Instead, they try to create as many resources as possible, and position those resources for flexibility so that future generations can solve any of the potential problems that they might encounter, one of which might include adapting to a changing climate (with or without man's influence).

Is it an unsolvable problem reducing emissions? Reducing garbage culture? I don't think so. Switching to renewable energies is something which on the mid term already brings positive financial returns. Switching cars, planes and ships to Hydrogen based fuel or similar engines also doesn't require such big investments to make it have a positive return on the long term.

There is no money wasted on this.

Money is wasted on a new phone each year, on a new car every 5 years and money is wasted if anyone thinks that we have infinite economic growth.

No one is talking about reversing climate change.

Actually, the authors of the paper I cited were talking about reversing climate change. And they shut down their program when they realized it was impossible.

I meant in terms of the overall public, people don't want to reverse it at the moment, people want to limit it.

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