Baby You're Beautiful.

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Children's class students fall down the line after standing at the end of the classes and stand in their place behind temporary obstruction, class teacher and his associates in front of them. Standing in the Guardian line with identity card in front of the obstacle. One person is called by the name of the student and his parents are taking him by showing the identity card. To call the name of Baban, he went ahead with the identity card, found that the stomach plaster was applied to the lower lip of the baban, the class teacher and his associates were a little embarrassed. Before asking some questions, the class teacher told that during the play, the lip had cut a little while, special bleeding did not occur, as well as the duty doctor got treatment. Without making any sense, it is not normal for children of this age group to return home with BABAN, do not need to be scared or treated more. Bajwan does not complain or complain about the incident.
When I came home, asked Baban, "Where did he fall?" Reply Baaban said, the matter was not to play. Rasmin Nasir, a classmate of her class Often he punches whom he wishes for no reason, throwing a bag, throwing water from a bottle of water, kills a punch, grabbed the hand of the classmates, and cried loudly. Today, at the time of Tiffin's break, he suddenly hit Buban. After losing control of the bowl, they cut the lips. I saw the Rashmina girl. A little longer, not thick, but better health than other kids in the class. Barely, I can not cope with the shock of the girl, and I can not cope with the lonely side. We do not care about it completely, but tell the baboon to be careful about the rashmin.

Annual cultural program of the school. The children of each class make one unicorn. In that singularity, there is a little song, a little dance, a little recitation and something else. This means something else that someone in the class might do a cartwheel, in which opportunity it will be shown; Anyone else who runs another hulup hoop can also be shown, etc. - Most of the children in the objective class have the opportunity to do some work in the stage. It is not possible to do anything more than fifteen minutes of class allocation. When a class is performing, all the children in that class stand in the dais. By pushing some of them into the main stage, sometimes their conversations on the Mike also came. In some unicorns, there is something called 'back-to-back' in the class.

There is a fairytale story of the fairytale story of Baban's class which will be performed, where Bapan plays the role of a monkey. Apart from Apala and Minya dancing well, they will dance with 'Mon-mo cloud companion' while the princess's mind is good; Ahnaf can call many birds, and in the garden of the princess, they will call three types of birds. Rashmina was played, but she did not listen to any direction from the director, but instead it tried to break the rehearsal - so she was dropped. After listening to the story of rehearsal for two weeks, we were reminded of them. When Babar's class came to perform, all the kids in their class stood upstairs in the dais. It was seen that Rashmin was never opening the crown of the princess, sometimes pulling the prince's sword, and sometimes bringing the monkey's hand towards the back. At one stage, he pushed the captain to the stage,

Everyone on Facebook 'Friend' We know that a small fraction of Facebook's hundreds of friends are not 'friends' in real life. Whether on Facebook or not, in real life, I try again and again to be the friend of my father. As part of this effort, we often talk about his friends, their activities, their wellbeing etc. Encourage us to speak easily with many issues. Now, after growing up in high school, Disha often asked him why he could not even get a girlfriend. Our purpose is simple - our child should think of us as his closest person, never think of himself alone; We can keep him away from lungs, drugs and militancy. After getting into the secondary stage of Baban, one such talk was found that Rashmina was expelled from the school. Because, for his misdeed, various parents complained, Breaking school discipline etc. When we hear about it, our mind is as bad as it is.

This school has many more so-called reputable schools in which children know how much children are learning when they are admitted to the children's class, their parents' educational and professional qualifications, their strengths, their political identity, and so on. Here's the number of children weighing a child in a class, weighing twice the weight. Here are more home work than the ones taught in the class. During the holidays, the holiday house is filled with clutter house work. Class tests or term finals are examined on non-taught subjects. Syllabus is changed just before the term final examination. Without trying to rectify a student's limitations, parents and parents are called to do so. It is said, If you do not like, go with your child somewhere else. In the annual school of the school, at the end of the school's name, 'limited' can be taken away from the companies written by 'limited', but in any other school, the child is more difficult than admission in any class other than the 'Ivy League' college, rather than the Ivy League The college is expected to be admitted. Companies in the country that grow more than 25 million children every year will never lack a customer. So their arrogance continued to limit the day after day.

The family is responsible for teaching the child discipline, disciplining, morality, good values, but the school's role in this regard is not entirely accountable. We are intensely angry with the company, named after the unscrupulous school, to avoid trouble by expelling a child without disciplining the child. We burst into a rage, but we can not do anything.

Time goes on. Baban started preparing for the final examination of the secondary level. Under the pressure of the class-coaching-maq test, the time of his play does not last till the rest of the time. To get to school or coaching, the child gets asleep in the car on the road traffic jam. Sometimes the tests run for around 10:30 pm, and I look forward to being outside the coaching center. In those days, while talking to Baban, his classmates did not find - who took the subject, what kind of preparation, etc. I do not look after the names of those who remember me, Rasmin also asked. It is known that there is no contact between the old friends of Rashmin nowadays. The mint's home is seen in the same street as Rashmin with her. He has been told that Rashmine will test as a private test. Among his schoolmates, his 'Facebook friend' has told them that Rashmin has posted his picture on Facebook sometime, but he does not give a reply to the message or comments made by him.

One day, on the Internet, the bahan laughs to see what is going on. Asked about the matter, she showed that Rashmin uploaded a dancing video to a video site. There, along with Bhim Nirullah's widely-discussed 'Sunday Morning Love You' song, Rashmin and her daughter-in-law dancing a girl. There, Rashmina Bhim Nirolla danced in a puddle, and another girl danced on the shirt as a sareek and then danced on the companion model of Bhima. I watched the funny video a minute and went to work.

Do not end up being secondary, the door to the high school begins. Baban's reading increases the pressure multiplier than before. Upon reaching high school, many of the old classmates of Baban spread on different sides due to change of subjects. Most people do not have special contact with older people, but rather new friends alliance. At the first stage of the Higher Secondary Examination, when we breathe on the neck, we are all three stories together. Naturally the main theme of the story is the upcoming examination. Asking the friends of Baban who is examining some things in this phase, Naturally, at one point, I asked Rasmin about this. In my question, Bashan suddenly lowered his head down. I peep into the unknown fear. Then the words of the words of Bashan broke our chest. Rashmina died due to excessive drug addiction a few months ago! There is no communication between the members of Baban's family and any of the family members of Rashmina have been informed about the delay. Born in the nature of the incident and the sudden and did not tell us earlier. I myself became silent.

The next day I got the news from the old newspaper. In any newspaper, it is known as suicide and it is an unusual death in any newspaper. Someone said that poisoned, said somewhere drug abuse, and said somewhere that sleep has died. Only the mother of Rashmina's mother came in the paper. There he did not say anything about drugs, poison, suicide or killing. According to the news, the body of Rashmin was kept in the hospital morgue for autopsy. The newspapers did not find any further follow-up in the news for the next few days of the incident.

In this life, we have seen so many ugly, tragic, tragic, heart-breaking events that many incidents do not touch me deeply anymore. Yet there are a couple of incidents that have pushed my foundation. The death of Rashmina is such an incident to me. But I have never spoken to Rashmina, I have never used her in Kolapitha, she has never bought any toys or food. Maybe Rashmin is my own classmate's classmate, perhaps seeing him since a childhood, maybe I was shocked by the news of his mischief that I was shocked. However, I could not believe that such a death of a 16-year-old child is considered to be a threat to me or not to eat.

Whatever the news of the news in the news of the matter, whatever the statement from Baban actually found is correct. I knew that Rashmina had been coughing for some days and he was badly addicted to drugs. Naturally the question arose in this situation what was the role of his family. How can a child of this age, who has no earnings of his own, earn daily money, unless his parents provide it? How old are these parents when they have given big money to the girl every day but have not searched for any money she has spent in the money?

A year ago, I saw this old girl in Rehab. He informed that his monthly cost of medicine was Tk 1.5 lakh. I was amazed at this. At that time, the salary of the month-old high commissioner was collected, but no one hundred thousand taka would have been collected. How are they parents who raise such a huge amount every month in the hands of a minor child, but did not keep track of the speed of that money! These are the creatures of a planet that do not know anything about the soul / power, money-power-post-work etc. What do these human rights have to bring a child to the world!

Drugs do not fall from the sky. Some of these are produced within that country and the rest come from outside the country. The law enforcing agencies have destroyed the drug manufacturing plant in the country and have found very little read about the arrest of those involved in drug production. You or I can not cross the border of any country in any way, without the clear authority of the authority. If you try, the border security or immigration officials will stop us or give it to the law enforcement agencies. However, almost every country has crossed the border of Yaba-Phensidil-heroin-cocaine-hashish etc. worth hundreds of crores of rupees daily. It is not that the law enforcement agencies have caught some of them, but it is only a small fraction of the total amount. Some of the drug pedalers are caught, but the powers of international drug trade are going to be safe under the screen, There is no news of any of them caught. Why not eliminate the top leaders of state, government and people's opponents, destroyers of the country and nation's destructive drug trafficking! Why not remove the weeds from the top of the field, and their roots will not be uprooted!

Here, when the song of Bhim Nirrawala was played - 'Lady You're Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful', then my head went 'Baby You're Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful'. I think that's the dance of my Rashmin. I remember her face. I would like to cry out loud. Think of my mother! Have you gone with any hardship, or are you proud? What was a man who could love you and prevent this from the path of annihilation? Your life has not started. Why you will have to go to hell!


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