The Changing of the Seasons / 季节的变更

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I woke up this morning feeling pretty cold. Still remember having awesome BBQ's with good friends in the garden not that long ago and all of a sudden, we're straight into winter almost skipping over the entire autumn season?

British weather sometimes is so hard to understand. Well, for me anyway, lol. Although I can't really complain as we did enjoy a really warm summer this year. I guess we finally have to say goodbye to summer now and start taking out our winter pullovers and thick jackets!

@ezzy and I had a relaxing stroll in the local park this evening too. It was lovely and the view was simply spectacular! Hence, I would love to share with you some of the pictures I took whilst there.












英国的天气有时候的确让人费解,呵呵。可是我不能抱怨, 因为今年也算是天公作美,让我们享受了一个炎热的夏季!我想,住伦敦的朋友们也是时候拿出厚重的冬季毛衣和外套,是时候正式告别夏天了吧,呵呵!

晚上 @ezzy 和我去了公园散步,景色很美,所以在这里和大家分享一下我拍的照片!


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No trees turning here in Florida, lol!


It probably comes much later for Florida?


In central Florida where I am we really don’t get any trees that change colors. There leaves are on all year long and drop dead ones randomly.

how i wish i can go to your country someday and experience all different seasons. like snow winter.
cause here in our country like philippine we only have rain and shine.

@rea, For sure after watching these pictures it's reflecting as Winter is arriving, and most importantly nature hold the Beautiful and Breathtaking silence and every season hold it's own effect and appearance.

And in these pictures, personally i really liked two pictures and those are leaves one, both leaves pictures are showcasing that these leaves are similar but just see those Colourful essence and difference of colours. And these kind of aspects tells that nature is pure art.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for your nice comment @chireerocks!


Welcome. 🙂

forget BBQ, I was in the mountains a few days back and it was 30 Celsius hot 3 days later the same mountains are with snow :) I wish I could be there right now.

Once this happens, time flies.


Tell me about it! So soon it's another Christmas again, lol.


Yes, I think the decorations in Orchard Road is going to be starting to setup soon.

Fall is the best time of year! Everything begins to change color and it is just beautiful! Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a chilled fall morning!!


I cannot agree more. The view is absolutely fantastic!

Cool autumn shots! We already have colder days here in Berlin in the last weeks too, but today summer is back with over 20 degrees. 😯 Really weird for Germany, but I love it! 😊👍

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Hey @future24, so lucky you still have the warm weather over there! Enjoy while you still can, lol.