Home-Grown Figs / 自家种的无花果

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Have you ever tried fresh figs before?

If you haven’t, I would highly recommend you to give it a go. The taste of the fig is super delicious, with its honey-like sweetness and subtle hint of berries and bursting flavours! The sweetness and seedy texture of figs make them great for creating sweet or savory dishes. In fact, one of my favourite breakfast dishes is pancakes with figs and bananas, lol.


Fresh figs are usually eaten raw and actually taste best when eaten straight off the tree. I am quite lucky to have my own fig tree in the garden! This time every year (between summer and autumn), there are loads of tender and ripe figs on the tree for me to pluck. Super cool, right? I also hand out some of them to friends and neighbors to share the love around!





The fig is also known for being a healthy fruit that contains a great source of fibre and is chock full of vitamins and minerals. Another reason to fall in love with all that goodness!



Feel free to share you comments below and thanks for reading!







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I agree....yum! It is also eaten with ham. Dried figs are also very good ... In Italy, when you want to do a lot with little money, you say "You want to have a wedding with dried figs ..."

That’s so great that you have your own fig tree!


Yes I feel very lucky, lol.

Awesome!!!. There is nothing like home grown fruits n vegetables. Pesticides, insecticides free, grown with utmost care and when ripe, its time to enjoy the fruit, straight from the garden to the kitchen. I call that a healthy n beautiful life. The home grown figs, definitely look super-delicious. Enjoy. :)


Thank you @crytofairy. :)

Looks incredible . I must try. Thanks for sharing @rea

Figs are awesome, can't believe I've only recently had my first fig (at least that I can remember)


Yes, the fresh taste of fig is hard to forget, lol.







Yum!! Figs with french toast also really good too ;)


Thanks @ramengirl, I would definitely try it next time. :)




You're super lucky to have your own fig tree, especially you live quite central in London right? I used to buy them from the markets whenever they're in season, and add a dash of honey on top. Divine!


Hello @livinguktaiwan, How are you doing? Yes, the fig tree was planted in our garden over 30 years ago and I am so lucky to be able to enjoy it after all the hard work, haha.

You are so lucky to be able to grow your own fig tree.
I don't think that I have ever tried a fig fruit, because I'm not really familiar with it, but I have heard amazing health benefits this fruit provides, so now that I just moved back to Central America, I will try to grow my own fig tree too, since I have many fruit trees here, but would love the fig tree too.
Thank you for sharing about the fig, now I will look for it.


Good luck with growing the fig tree in your garden and I hope you can enjoy the fruits soon. :)

I had never tried before :-)

Great recipe 👌 I will now have to try this 😀




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Wow very interesting food. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life my best friend.

Wow this is awesome, your homegrown figs are looking really nice @rea! 👏👏👍

I mostly have this as the dried ones in the soup. yummy

que delicioso se ven estas panqueques de verdad las quisiera probar guardarme un poquito ok.

wuao how lucky are you in your bonfire fig tree is a very rich fruit and the best thing is that you eat it fresh, good combination with pancakes looks delicious