An Enjoyable Authentic Indian Restaurant Experience / 正宗印度餐厅"Bombay Central"

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Last weekend, I met up with some good friends at an Indian restaurant “Bombay Central” in Harrow. This place came highly recommended to me by another of my Indian friends in the past but simply never got around to trying it out. So I was excited to check it out for myself.

Arriving at the place, a couple of traditional Indian Tuk Tuk's were lined up outside the front entrance which did make an nice initial impression, lol.



Once inside, the restaurant had some trendy decoration with original brick wall work, cool industrial lighting and several unique gigantic paintings on the wall as well as a modern sleek bar at the front. A cricket game was playing on a large screen television in the background and the overall atmosphere of the venue was buzzing with lots of families and celebrations all round!




The food was unbelievable, all tasting like authentic Indian food I've sampled in the past. Lamb Rogan Josh was my favourite as the meat was cooked perfectly with a rich and aromatic curry sauce. So heavenly! The crispy sweet corn was also unexpectedly delightful too. Although the Chicken Biryani we ordered was a little bit too spicy for my pallet.







There is also an Indian style high tea on offer. People sitting at the table next to us were enjoying it with a few cocktails thrown in for good measure. Perhaps something to try for next time, lol!


“Bombay Central” turned out to be one of the best restaurants I've dined at in Harrow. I would definitely be going back there soon. Enjoy!


上周日我和朋友聚会,我们在Harrow附件的一家名为“Bombay Central” 的印度餐厅吃饭。之前也有朋友推荐过这家店,但我只是一直没有机会来,这次总算如愿以偿了,呵呵。




Bombay Central是我在Harrow吃过的最好的餐厅之一,相信我很快会再来光临哦!


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You find so many great places!


That's because I love finding good food, lol!

wouldn't mind trying that Biryani!🔥 , ive only had the chance to try butter chicken and chicken tikka masala,.. these dishes look good!


I hope you would like the Biryani. :)

the decor and everything looks like a bar rather than an Indian resturant lol


Hey @travelgirl, yes it does not look like the traditional Indian restaurant. :)

i like Indian food very much.
so i study to cook recipe to go India!!


Good luck and thanks for dropping by. :)

Hey, when you were here? I am Indian too