A Unique Dining Experience of Cantonese Food / 不寻常的粤菜经历

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Have any of you tried snake meat before? It probably doesn't sound very appetizing but is actually quite delicious. I had the opportunity to try some on my last trip to Asia.

My friend took me to a traditional Cantonese food restaurant “Da Keyi” (大可以饭店) in Yuexiu district in Guangzhou, a short walk from a beautiful spot in Luhuahu Park.

The restaurant decor is not too fancy, but simple and comfortable enough. They offer beautiful Cantonese style dishes as well as fresh seasonal seafood.

The salted shredded chicken is literally to die for. The meat was cooked so tender and bursting full of flavours. An absolutely delight!


We also had the steamed seasonal crabs. It was a bit of an effort trying to get to the inner meat but OMG, it was so deliciously salty sweet inside!


However, the highlight of the dinner were the snake dishes. The snake meat (served with bones) was fried with salt and pepper. I would say it tastes somewhere between chicken and pork in texture and flavour. Very nice indeed.



The snake skin was stir-fried with celery and red peppers. Though I was not too sure about that as it tasted a little bit too chewy.


Overall, I really liked this restaurant and particularly enjoyed the experience of sampling this snake delicacy. If any of you ever decide to bite the bullet and try out a snake dish, feel free to comment below and share your experience with me.

See you next time...






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How to say in Italy of people who love good food "you're a good fork"

Very nice. I haven't tried snake before. I might someday.

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