A Hidden Gem "Gastro Pub" in North London / 人气酒吧餐馆 “Parlour"

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Parlour is my local pub and also happens to be one of my favourites. The food always has an innovative take on the traditional dishes served there, which are very inspiring indeed. This is more like an upmarket gastro chic than your average pub!

Last week I had a day off, so decided to come here with @ezzy and enjoy a lazy brunch soaking up some sun in the garden. The garden is really lovely which is very cool, with a beautiful vintage stylization throughout. Wooden benches, metal bistro tables and chairs, rosemary pot plants, everything just works so well together providing a relaxing atmosphere.



Food was beautifully presented as always! I had the home-styled hash brown with scramble eggs whilst @ezzy opted for the home-made cheese and bacon hamburger. Both were absolutely delicious!






I love this place and cannot recommend it high enough! Enjoy!


上周二我休假了一天,决定和 @ezzy一起来这里的后花园晒晒太阳,享受一顿慵懒的早午餐。酒吧后院并不大但布置得非常雅致,很有一种复古的风格。 木制长板凳,法式咖啡桌椅,迷你小盆栽等,一切都让人感觉非常轻松舒适的气氛。

食物一如既往,不但卖相精美,味道也超级棒!我点了他们家的土豆煎饼配炒鸡蛋,而 @ezzy则选择了芝士培根汉堡。两样都相当不错,我完全可以感受到他们家制作食物的用材非常新鲜!



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😍😍 好棒的小館… 恭喜rea美食又開張囉!😀😀

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這個雞蛋看起來好嫩喔! 我無法抗拒雞蛋,我是無蛋不歡

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Looks like the perfect place to be in. The food looks very delicious and the decoration, the way they positioned the plants is perfect.



Looks delicious! I'm a huge fan of simple scrambled eggs. I have a rough time trying to get them perfect looking like that though. Sure is making me hungry though. I also truly enjoy restaurants and other locales with lots of greenery. Especially when it looks natural like that. That tree growing through the table is spot on.


You are right, it's not easy to cook the eggs, lol. Thank you for dropping by @thraellock!

Looks delicious. Especially the massive amounts of scramble eggs....uhmmmmmm :) Thanks for sharing @rea


Thank you!