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RE: What's Your Favorite Climate Change Study?

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If you want to really understand climate change I invite you to check out the videos of potholer:
He is actually a journalist which makes these videos in his free time, he bases all his videos on scientific facts and cites all used articles in the description.

(You can find a vast number of videos of his debunking the pseudo science of anyone which does not believe in man made climate change, until now, there was no one which could prove him wrong, and he was able to debunk all arguments of anyone trying to debunk him)

One of the things I like about his videos is that he does all these videos completely free of polemic and exaggerations. He bases all them on the scientific evidence and criticizes both sides of the political debate.

Short TL;DR:

  • Climate change is real
  • Climate change is man made
  • A vast part of all specialists in the area agree on this

I disagree that climate change is political. The first people talking about climate change were conservatives all over the world. The same people which now deny it ever existed because it would cost them some money during their livetime.


Thanks for a calm rational suggestion. I appreciate it.

Does potholer consider the theories of the electric universe proponents?

Remember a fellow named President Nixon? Although a late supporter of the conservation movement; in 1970 he formed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It may have been for political reasons, or maybe just concern. Not a mind reader so I don't know. Never met the man.

Even earlier there was a fellow, President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a lifelong conservationist, according to the history we have written of his life.

For those that are concerned about the political overtones of the climate change conversation, both the Presidents mentioned above were members of the Republican Party. Given, the Republican Party line was much different during the Administrations of these two Presidents.

In the past the conservatives were all over the world concerned about the environment. This changes more recently when conservatives became neo-liberalists.

Thank you for adding to my vocabulary, I will now go and check out a number of dictionaries and encyclopedia to see if their is consensus as to the proper definition of neo-liberalist.

It is so difficult now-a-days to give a thoughtful, politically correct, non-ambiguous, reply. So I will just say, thank you for replying.

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