Dan Larimer Commands 67.6% of all Blockchain Activity: Steem & Bitshares Dominate

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Amidst the many indicators we are told to look for when determining the potential value of a coin is the quality of “the team”. Of course, many other factors are to be considered. The purpose of the coin is important. “ What problem does the coin solve?” is also a good question.

When evaluating some of the teams involved with the blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is hard to overlook the success of Dan Larimer.

During the past 7 days, the combined activity of Bitshares and Steem accounts for over 67 percent of total Global blockchain technology. Steem leads with 47.6% of activity. Bitshares accounts for 20% which is matched by Ethereum, also at 20%. Bitcoin represents an astonishingly low number of only 5.2% of all blockchain activity. The remaining currencies combined account for only 7.2% of total Global Blockchain activity.

As more institutional money moves into the cryptocurrency markets, one can be certain that investors are going to take note of these numbers. Keep in mind that EOS is not even in the picture yet. Imagine what these numbers might look like after the introduction of EOS. For these reasons I think we are positioned to see tremendous growth in both Steem and Bitshares. I think many conventional investors who might otherwise be afraid of the cryptocurrency market will see Steem and Bitshares as a safe bet.


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This is INSANELY ahead of everyone else! The BTS technology has spurted up a monster. Good for us all!!!

Namaste :)


Yes, the numbers are quite astounding. When EOS comes out the entire pie chart may be engulfed! :)


I agree and look forward to it too! ;) Namaste

The transaction capacity rate of the STEEM-BitShares-EOS-,etc. networks so far overshadows the older blockchains as to make one wonder why their market caps still show them to be incredibly undervalued, and while the deprecation of the central exchanges in favor of decentralization would point to fostering longevity of those older blockchains, they're still subject to the serious bandwidth limits I imagine will prove their demise if they can't find technical hacks to avoid this oncoming senescence.
I'm sure they'll find much longer lives as exchange tokens, stores of wealth, investment strategies, etc. than the technical revolutions they brought just a few years ago.


so true. stores of wealth is the perfect term for many of these coins. So few can handle the increased number of transactions which will come with massive everyday use. I think this point is often overlooked because such a small percentage of the population is actually using cryptocurrency on a regular basis.

that was really helpful for us to know about the steemit blockchain.

I got a feeling that Steem is going to good this year.

I too think we're headed for incredible growth with Steem. I'm doing my best to accumulate as much of it as I can in these early stages.

Sure, this is a nice one for steem. Steem possesses a lot of potentials in the crypto market. A lot of wonderful innovations that are beneficial to everyone.