My domestic animals. Dog Margot-3

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In conclusion of the story about Margosh, I want to talk about some of her funny habits. She herself set several compulsory rituals, which followed throughout the time that she lives with us. Like most dogs, she loves begging. True, other dogs usually do it sitting in front of the owner and looking into his eyes, showing with all appearance how they want to get a tidbit and, if they receive it, they immediately take a treat and leave, or quickly eat it in place to ask for more. In Margoshi, this process is somewhat different and, in my opinion, very peculiar. If the husband is sitting in the kitchen (that is, where sweets are known to be stored), then she quietly comes up behind him and paws him. He could never refuse her, and he developed something like a conditioned reflex. He climbs for a treat (croutons or cookies), pulls out, turns to her, and draws a treat. It was at this moment that Margosha, who carefully watched his actions, instead of taking a treat, lifted her head up and began to intensively study the ceiling. It can last as long as the husband does not get tired of waiting, and he sternly says: “Well?” Then she stops looking at the ceiling, makes a dazed look, supposedly very surprised that it is served, and only after that, she carefully takes a treat and leaves. Every time, watching this picture, I die with laughter. She doesn’t pass this number with me, because I don’t react to her “freaks”, but the habit of looking at the ceiling, especially if you scold her for something, for example, stealing food from cats, she is always present. If you accidentally catch her at the time of theft, she immediately raises her head and pretends that she is studying something on the ceiling. No dog has done this before us. Another, no less amusing ritual, the preparation and exit of Margoshi for an evening walk. Usually this happens around nine in the evening. As soon as I go into the hall to dress, Margosha becomes animated, stretches sweetly and goes into the large room to face the door and watch the dressing process, and does this with great interest, without taking my eyes off me. As soon as I am fully dressed and ready to go out, Margosha puts her head on her paws and imitates sleep. I tell her: - Margosh, let's go for a walk! - zero attention - Margosh, I'm waiting for you! - no reaction. - My golden fish! Well, lift up, please, your beautiful ass and let's go! - Margosha opens his eyes, slowly rises, makes a bow, like a circus horse on the arena: stretching forward its front paws and raising its backside high, and only after that, slowly goes to the door and approaches me to fasten the leash. Lead to her, in principle, is not needed at all, because she is completely non-aggressive and always walks along the street without any leash, but this is another of her tricks. She likes to go down the stairs only with a strapped leash. She also likes to talk, bringing out some roulades with different intonations from low to high in her voice, and more often it happens when my husband comes home from work. The impression, as if she tells him how the day passed. After he takes off his outerwear, escorts him to the room, makes his signature bow and lies on his back to show himself in all his glory. Receives a treat for the meeting and performance, and immediately loses interest to the owner. Mission Complete!


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