Intelligence Test # 15 - Check Your IQ Level.

in busy •  6 months ago

Hello My Friends, Good Morning ..!
I am sharing here a Simple Intelligence Question / Puzzle You can Check your IQ Level. A Correct Answer Givers Will Got Upvote (10-100%) from Me. I hope you enjoyed this Activity.
NOTE: DeadLine= Voting to Winners(Correct Answer) will be Done After 24 hours of this Post. ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd Quick & Correct winners got 100%, 75% and 50% Upvote as a Reward from me).

The First Three Winners of Last Intelligence Test are, @spartans3 , @sammeyboj and @nori-i. They got 100%, 75% and 50% Upvote as a Reward from me. and all others who gave correct answer got the reward. Congratulations to them.

"Give Correct & Quick Reply of this Puzzle and Get Your Reward."



Thanks to all of you my friends for participating in these puzzles and i shall be obliged with your Support and feedback.


Keep Me in Your Prayers, Your Well Wisher.

@rabeel. SHAHID.

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Answer: 2


Winner No.1

2, I believe it's 2


Winner No.2

The answer is 2.

The sum of numbers on each line = 15.
6+5+4 = 15
3+5+7 = 15
9+5+1 = 15
8+5+2 = 15

So, the answer is 2.


Winner No.3


Jeez how come i didnt get any vote. I was among the first three to answer @rabeel. Look at the timing.


hey @maycoded, After checking timing then i UPvoted, you have a little bit difference of timing as compare to other twos. you can also check.


you received 50% upvote from me

It's 2 but I'm late (:

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Caramba y cual es la pregunta?

Great content - puzzles not being my usual cup of tea, you can thank madpuppy for bringing me here. I assist @the-resistance bot with flagging the puppy's selfish placeholder and to make sure I also check every time to ensure the related content is supportable. ;-)


Thanks a lot @trumanity.