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I'm a Person too!

Here I lie in bed again, awaiting my next meal.
A worker barges in my room, as if it's no big deal.

What ever happened to courtesy? Just a little knock.
Do you think I'm just a vegetable, Laying here like a rock?
What ever happened to manners? I haven't got a clue.
But keep in mind and don't forget, that I'm a person too.

I know I can not talk, or even joke around.
But I'm well aware of everything, and also every sound.
If you have another worker help, change me during rounds.
Please don't talk about me, as if I'm not around.
Treat me with respect, the same I'd give to you.
Keep in mind and don't forget, that I'm a person too.

My bones are stiff and achy, I hear you say I'm contracted.
My belly hurts, I haven't pooped, I hope I'm not impacted.
I'm sorry I may drool, and at times I even stare.
It's not easy being old, aging isn't fair.
These are the cards God dealt me, There's nothing I can do.
Just keep in mind and don't forget, that I'm a person too.

I used to be a lively one, just like your pretty self.
I traveled, married, and worked long hours until I lost my health.
I press my light to see a face, Or just for company.
For someone just to look inside, and realize that I'm ME.
You walked past my light, what am I to do?
Please remember I'm a person too.

I'm sorry that I messed the bed, I feel like such a baby.
I'm so embarrassed, and ashamed, that I'm doing this at eighty.
I'm sorry I couldn't hold it, I didn't know what to do.
Keep in mind and don't forget, that I'm a person too.

I wish that I was able, to communicate some way.
So finally I'd get the chance, to say what I want to say.
I hear you talk with other patients, so please don't walk away.
If everyone showed a little compassion, I wouldn't feel this way.

My name is Helen, and I'm all alone.
Cancer took my husband, he had it in his bones.
We had one child, our precious son.
Until his life was taken by a gun.
So here I am, no family left, as loneliness weighs heavy on my chest.
I may be sad, I may be blue.
Please remember I'm a person too.

Next time my light is on, come and see if I'm OK.

Thanks for reading, this is @qweku from @steemitghana and @accra.



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