Drought and a Cormerant

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We are in the third year of a serious drought. The second in the ten years I have been living in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
I am standing on the top of the dam wall, the biggest on the farm!
A tractor and five farm staff members are visible at the waters edge, dwarfed by the dam wall.


They are repairing an underwater duct which had rusted through . . .


The dam, when full is some 15 meters deep
One of the farm managers recently waded across without getting his belt wet!

The drought has serious farming implications. It also has a profound effect on nature


These fish, nine in all, were regurgitated at the bottom of this dam wall by a Cormorant. A large aquatic bird that dives while swimming on the surface of both sea and freshwater dams


Two years ago the wild guinea fowl on the farm laid no eggs and we saw no chicks. Customers of mine across three provinces told of the same phenomena

Game ranges in our biggest nature reserve, The Kruger Park reported that the Impala - The most prolific buck in SA - had dropped virtually no young and that, that was an indication of a coming drought! How accurate they were

There is still a devastating drought across most of our country

It is an historical fact that most droughts are broken when there is a flood

A small town in one of our provinces had a major flood yesterday . . . !


Just most magical my sire, it has been a long drought since I have witnessed your incredible presence my sire where art though??

Be blessed

Yours Always

Greetings O great Art maestro! I art on holiday visiting my son @craigcryptoking so I have some spare time to post a blog!!
Thanks for your reply I look forward to checking you classical, classy and creative creations!!!

My most magical sire that is so perfect, have a most splendid and blessed time with your boy, be blessed always.

Yours Truly

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