I Am Producing More Drugs Now!

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I've been busy working with my drug production this afternoon! I've recently invited three of my friends and they're officially drug dealers too! Welcome to drug wars, @gerel, @micch, @florizdemayo! Still waiting for my two girls, @emonemolover and @bonjovey!

Want to be one of us? Be a drug lord today, it's free to join. Play here

My current upgrades:

My favorite drug lab so far...

Pharmaceutical Lab 1
"Here is where you go if you want to produce DRUGS massively to take over the DrugWars."
Production: 24.19k + 120.96 BONUS / DAY





This is my second day playing and I need some tips pls!

Much appreciated!


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look like you are having fun

Wow, I need some of your stuff!!
If it's so excellent as your pictures we can make a deal... 😋😁😍😍😍
Have a great day and stay clean..

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Ur doing a good job so far 👍🏾👍🏾

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hahahah. Kaniring ko la anu nga drugs hahaha.

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Got to stop falling for post titles that only lead to drugwar posts! Oh deary me.

Are all the bugs ironed out of the game, yet?


Oh sorry about that haha! I guess it works though 😁

I didn't really noticed anything. I have only been playing for five days? 😁

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Oh 6 days

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