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It was the village.One woman, Galina, didn't believe in any Church holiday, and here once again decided to wash on a holiday "Easter". Made her husband Alexander, to pull in the yard washing the car, but still not all villages have automatic machines.Alexander first asked once again to think of his wife, but Galina was not persuaded.As Sasha tried to start the washing machine, at it it it did not turn out though a week ago it worked as hours. -Go get a car wash from the neighbors, - Galya said to her husband. Having taken and having connected the washing machine of neighbors, Alexander told the wife that she would throw dirty clothes.Tear off the lid of the washer, Galya fainted.Alexander being in shock, decided to look that so frightened his spouse.Looking, he saw there is not a small Viper, which raised his head up, began to hiss loudly.Not long thinking, Sasha was sbegal to the garage, brought large tongs and pulled out a terrible Viper.After this incident, Galina does not work in any Church holiday, it is no wonder the centuries, people did not work on Holy holidays. - 100.00%


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