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I still, when I remember the story of my friend's acquaintance with his wife, always laugh.It was about 7-8 years ago.Dimon's brother bought an apartment, and invited all his friends to his housewarming.Dima came only from the army, was bald, in a leather jacket, big boots, in short "a thug".When Dimon started about the intercom to remember the apartment number that would dial to the entrance came a young girl, well now she opens the door and I go in, thought Dima.The girl turned to him with fear in her eyes asked:-And You to whom? That would calm the girl Dima scored on the intercom room of the apartment, and the door opened.Brother Dimon lived on the upper floors, and the Elevator they went together, though the girl came cautiously.More generally was not foreseen, the Elevator stopped between 5-6 floors.Dima took out his mobile phone, but could not get through anywhere, there was no connection.The girl crouched down and started to cry. Dimon guy is good, by some miracle, still calm, from fear the frightened girl told her about himself, she then about yourself, in short, that's the story of meeting one of the family.

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