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Once upon a time, a star led many to my voice
I was quirking; always hunting favour from all
I was a child, I gave them no choice
That was the origin of my laziness

I grew up into a stigma
That I was to be at the top one day
That I'll one day rule and save the nation from tears without manna
So I trained to be "the leader" they prophesied

A decade flew away and their circle never changed
They only changed roofs
Jumping from tree to tree with the same agenda; to loot
My fathers would not give little David the crown

Decades passed; the old still never died away
The young still didn't grow
There was no other way
We had to, at least, rule our stomachs

We gave up the ghost; he wasn't real
The young shall always be young
We couldn't take their lives; "thou shall not kill"
So our ambitions died; poor David!

We're poor, no degrees, no jobs but we survive
Our brothers over the seas keep wowing the world
Our songs are getting awards; our stomachs are alive
Check our cinemas and you'll see talents on array

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Go to the suburbs and we aren't sleeping either
There are bags of kilograms of cements lying on our heads
We sell, with our papers, papers of the old staying young

Go to the farms and see what we do with our arms
The military would crash without us being used as scape goats
We weld and get teared; no we do not mind the harm!
But what do we get? Lazy complements

The youths are not lazy!
We have a life
All we need is the essence of governance; that doesn't sound crazy
Give us a good life, good healthcare, good roads, drinkable water, steady power supply!
We can't live this deceit no more!
We deserve some accolades!

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