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Betcha I am
Stats on paper favored the RAMS.
Experience and consistency favored PATRIOTS.
Willingness to win favor the right team with the right set of mind.
Defense will decide this game.
Offense will have it say as the game progress.
This game will be on Columbia Broadcasting System.
You can listen to it on Westwood One radio network and many place online.
A lot of pizza will be eatin.
Not too forget chicken wings.
A lot of parties will be held.
By the way a lot of people will call off on Monday due to tiredness.
Superbowl is always famous for the most fun commercial ever.
This is an attribute for any fans to watch all.
Fryto Lay for years had funny commercials.
Glad no more shutdown during superbowl.
The game will be in Atlanta.
Crazy city to be in.
The game will be played indoor.
No weather should affect the outcome of the game.
Congrats to Mahomes for winning MVP of the regular season.
Donald from RAMS won defensive player of the year.
By the way tickets are still available for the game.
Minimum price for row 348 will cost 9,141.00steem token.
Max price for row 203 will cost you 43,120.00 steem token.
Not bad if we can pay in crypto.
Near future this will happen cause with crypto it is fast and prompt.
Are you going to watch the game?
Definitely the end.
Hope for a fair a good game for both parties.
Keep on postin

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