SteemBalkan - Community for people on Balkan territory

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I want to get through more people from Balkan territory with this post to get them to join our Balkan community. I am not the owner or moderator of this community, but I love it! This post will be in english and Croatian (one of Balkan's) language.

@steembalkan resteems and upvotes it's community members, while our duty is to upvote steembalkan articles that will further provide the initiative and its progress.
Steembalkan just like any other community brings people together, and as all great minds come together we will help each other grow, financially, spiritually and mentally.


We have a discord channel where we gather, if you are from Croatian territory feel free to join in our discord channel
This is the invite to discord:

EDIT: steembalkan discord is in setting up


Our tag is steemitbalkan, we use it to find each other posts because Steem sea is very big and it's easy to get lost. Feel free to join the community and use the tag so we can find ourselves a lot easier.

Donations are not mandatory but it will help the growth of the community as it is in the beginnings.
Even the slightest 0,1 sbd or steem will help us all in the long term!

If you have any ideas for steembalkan, as a community, it's open for suggestions that will benefit everyone.

Ovim postom želim doseći više ljudi sa Balkanskog teritorija da se pridruže Balkanskoj zajednici. Nisam kreator, vlasnik niti moderator te zajednice, ali ju volim.

@steembalkan resteem-a i upvote-a članove zajednice, naša dužnost je da upvote-amo steembalkan postove da bi napredovali u ovoj inicijativi, u ovoj zajednici.
Steembalkan kao i svaka druga zajednica zbližava ljude. Kako se skupljamo tako si i pomažemo u rastu, dinancijski, spiritualno i psihički.


Imamo discord channel gdje smo okupljeni, ako ste sa Hrvatskog teritorija pridružite nam se na discordu
Ovo je pozivnica za discord:
EDIT: steembalkan discord je u izradis


Naš tag je steemitbalkan, koristimo ga da nađemo postove jedno od drugoga. Steemit je veliko more i jako je lako otplutati. Slobodno koristite tag na svojim postovima da bi se lakše našli.

Donacije nisu obavezne ali će pomoći napretku i rastu zajednice jer smo još u početcima.
Čak i 0,1 sbd/steem će pomoći dugoročno gledanom smislu.

Ako imate kakve ideje za steembalkan, kao zajednica, otvorena je za prijedloge koji će pomoći kolektivi.


E da se svi angažiraju kao ti,gdje bi nam bio kraj.
Svaka cast

E pa to, kad se male ruke sloze... zaboravili smo to sta znaci :) Hvala ti na podrsci

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Thank you

My friend my best advice for you is to quit steemit if your plan is to beg for upvotes, if you want to achieve something here and earn some money you need to give something in return. In this case it's being active and actually read someones posts and comment with sense.

If you took the time to read the post and commented on something related to the post I would've visited your blog and maybe followed you, but now I won't. I don't need "good post" comments on my posts. Either engage in conversation with me or don't comment at all.

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