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RE: I'll Show You The One Thing You Need To Do To Never get Bitten By Cheetah Again!

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I've never gotten bit by Cheetah, however my content is cross posted from my WordPress blog automatically using SteemPress which handles the verification for me for the most part on the Steemit blog itself and I regularly reference my other material and I link to several of my social media on said WordPress blog including to Minds and Steemit profiles.

If you were indeed a network marketer, you might have some interest in "Linkwheels", provided it's not used for abuse, a linkwheel is a rather useful tool for verifying that "Yes, this indeed is me" without having to worry too much about plagiarism accusations.


I have several link wheels set up through IFTTT, but I just did some more reading on it and I think I need to make some adjustments to set them up correctly.

I hadn’t tried the plugin since it was updated. Before, I couldn’t get it to work. Glad to hear it can be set up without triggering cheetah

It's because of how Cheetah operates. If you upload a YouTube video, then share that YouTube video to Steemit, Cheetah won't recognize it as copycat material because it's posted so close to the original time of upload. The same effect applies to SteemPress, which also does the verification thing automatically to a degree. Just look at any one of my posts and scroll to the bottom to see what I mean. It'll say it's "posted from my WordPress blog LinkHere".

The issue arises when you post older content from your blog.

If you had issues with SteemPress in the past, give it another shot, it was super easy to set up.

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