Finessing with FinNexus : A quick Intro

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The human mind is a wonderful place , it's a place of constant light and and activities from birthing ideas capable of making the world a better place or sometimes for the worst , to learning how to fear and etc.

There are two (2) major things that are very vital to an everyday man asides the food , water , air and those other basic stuff, this things are what feeds the mind , things of learning and doing.

To Learn :

One has to be able to ask questions , hence to put it simply , "Science " and at the same time to apply is is to have the "Knowledge".

So what's Science ?


  • It is a system for organizing Knowledge about a particular subject , especially ones concerned with subject behaviors or in a given society.

Another definition says ...

  • Its the Knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world , using facts and proofs.

So as science is organized or structured Knowledge ,

Knowledge it self would be...


  • The state of knowing particular facts about a situation.

Or we'll define it as...

  • The information , understanding and skill that you gain through education and experience.

This brings me to the my actual reason for this piece , FinNexus , though the connection may be unclear at this point but as you read on and share some quick facts about FinNexus you should understand and be able to view things in a new light.

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What is FinNexus ? :


To start with , FinNexus is a new open finance protocol being built on Wanchain.

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Talking more on it , FinNexus is a collection of multiple protocols which together compose the FinNexus ecosystem.

That is (to put things in "easy-english") , It is a collection of systems (protocols) focused on interactions related to financial services.

Description FinNexus :-


_ There are three (3) main ways to describe FinNexus .

(a). Connection between users and block chain :

This means it allows for users (e.g developers , investors and service providers) to easily interact with the blockchain.


(b). Connection between assets and blockchains :

FinNexus is an asset channel for the blockchain world.

With the aim to setup entities or a " chain-of-chains" as I'd like to say within different entities to enable a frictionless flow of assets.


(c). Connection among different service providers :

FinNexus connects service providers with their users and also allows for collaboration between service providers

_ This means providing a transparent , standardized and trestles means of collaboration between different services (trading platforms , brokerage , settlement services and real estate services, etc ) and allowing them to work together in a secure and efficient way.


So ,Basically!!

This means when in connection with FinNexus you stand to gain...

(1). - It'll be easier for investors to look for , manage and invest in blockchain - based assets.

(2). - It'll be easier for assets providers to conveniently offer on-chain assets.

(3). - It'll be easier for OTC platforms , brokers and exchanges to find users and provide them services.

(4). - FinNexus can be used in an open transparent and equal way so as to fulfill the requirements , convenience and value.

FinNexus is an asset channel for the blockchain world.

Conclusion :-


As projected , that the year 2020 is the year for De-Fi (Decentralized Finance).

FinNexus is clearly in the forefront of building the ultimate open finance hub.
With its core focus being finance and services and fully powered by the blockchain.

_ It is safe to say FinNexus root will deepen and as investors are still very few.
A guide like this is what is needed to be well informed on how and what FinNexus offers and represents.

... It is safe to say FinNexus is here to stay.

Click hereto visit FinNexus website for more.

Click here to Visit the FinNexus site :



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