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Hey guys,
It's been a long time i didn't post here, but here i am ! Today i want to introduce a game developped by devs of the @fundition staff, working hard to make this game for me really similar at Ogame.
This game is named @drugwars. You can found it on drugwars


This is a strategy game, based on time poroducting different sorts of things in order to produce more and even more. The goal is to prduce as many drug as you can. Many ways to do it, produce it, steal it... And many more.
But the thing is, that you can earn daily steem easily. Steems are shared as equal to the purcentage you produce. So it is fair for everyone.
Just have fun, decide the way you want to produce, and sell it !!!
You can enter game here : Do not hesitate to join the discord too
Many alliances are about to be created, don't be alone !
Have Fun and Enjoy the game !


This is awesome . Keep up the good diction. I have actually noticed you have a very good choice of words.

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