Girls more than boys

in busy •  12 days ago 

How much more would girls plenty than than than boys?
That question isn't for a man to answer, but God, and I don't even expect answer. Who am I to question God but why I'm curious is how boys drop girls after sex. Sex is all they ever wanted, they start another relationship with another girl after sex.

Few boys plenty girls! I feel very sorry for brokenhearted girls cos I've been a victim of love before and they know how it feels when the one you thought you will spend the rest of your life with left unexpectedly. But boys have hope cos there are enough girls out there

Since we can't question God on his deeds, the solution I think we can do is urge boys not to joke with those girls out again, you wanna have fun? Have fun with something else, not the girls heart. This is just common for boys but girls do crazy things too, they toy boys hearts too, they forgot they would reap whatever they sow.

I almost run mard when the girl I have my heart to left me for another guy that didn't even worth me, and now I can't love wholeheartedly again, in fact I don't know how how to love again. But only God knows why he made girls that way, maybe because they become king after marriage.

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