Pol Pot and history of Cambodia

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If you don't know, Pol Pot is a communist Cambodia dictator of 1975-1979.
His ideology was even more radical than Stalin's. The result is hundreds of thousands people tortured, died of starvation or as a class enemy. What interested me is not that.
What happens in Cambodia now, after so many years?
It has obvious connections to russia and russian history.
Now the PM of Cambodia is Hun Sen.
He is PM since 1998. 20 years. "yfound that the family hold either shares or directly own about 114 private domestic companies with a listed value of $200 million."
He has. 200$ million companies and lands worth anywhere between 100 mil and 4 bil $.
'Cambodia’s leader has seen his popularity dwindle in recent years as the country’s ruling few amass unimaginable wealth in a country blighted by poverty.'
Imho, after Putin there will be no democracy. Just another people would take control of sheep population through TV, radio, mass communication. In the long run, I would not recommend living in russia