What is Education?

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"Education, your oil, is a critical component to your wealth road trip. When you continually inject yourself, with new education, new skills, and new competencies, new roads open and things run smoothly. The right education has incredible horsepower. EDUCATION IS FREELY AVAILABLE The greatest travesty of the free world is the under use of knowledge."

-The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime (Mj Demarco)


Amazing perspective and writing style @onejoe :)

If they want to hide the truth from people, they will put it in a book.

You're not wrong! Still, get more info from multiple sources and make your own mind

depends how you look at it, there is also indoctrination to.

Education does not always have to mean wealth. I live in a disputed state of India. And here we don't have job opportunities and it's not the case that if u educate yourself you are gonna find a nice job for yourself. Well it's very difficult here to find a nice job even if you are educated. But education can help you make life easier that's you have some knowledge about almost everything that's is going on in your life and that can make living a little bit easier.

Education empowers a man

great dude. Thank you very much

While education sometimes leads to a good job it often does not.

As a life long educator I feel we often miss the real purpose of education.

The real purpose of being educated is to learn how to learn. A great education instills a love of learning as well.

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