Contest ! My 1000 days on Steemit. Win 1000 SP, etc.

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1000 days? That's right.

In a couple of days, on Monday 11 Feb, 2019, I am approaching my relatively important milestone - my 1000's day since I've got registered on Steemit. It's hard to believe, how time flies fast. But formulas don't lie

Not that I have much to say, or brag about my journey here, on this social media. It has been UP's and DOWN's, a joyful thrills and rough disappointments during this time. The beginning sure was tough, as for most of us. But also there were a days, when I had not posted or commented for a whole week, yet still discovering a +100 new followers, once coming back.

Seeing how important it is to build up my Steem power, I have parted with quite a few of my precious BTC's, in favor or STEEM. And never cashed out even one single penny.

Someone maybe have seen me powering down? Yes, I did, just because I decided to move part of my SP to a newly created, more safe account. Account of which master password has never ever been on a hot, online computer. During years I have learned it a hard way, that thinking "my data is really "MY data" (on a hot PC) - is terribly wrong. It is only an illusion, which we most want to believe.

CONTEST? Why not?

One thing what I love, but somehow do not do very often here - is contests.
I like both, taking the competition, and also providing this for others.

So for this 1000 day event, I was thinking, what I could give back to Steem community, to celebrate this. Celebrate? Yes, I think this 1000 "round" number is even better reason to celebrate, than a 1 year, or 3 years, or anything other. Well, 10000 days sure would be great too, but that is....what .... +27 years? 2047? Too optimistic to expect, at my age. Not that I would not hope too. By then (2047) - Steem will probably be at $1000 or more, and Bitcoin in their millions...
Finally, I ended up with the idea of making a small contest. With a prizes and rules similar (visually) to my milestone. To 1000.


So what it's all about?

During my days involved with steem and other cryptos, I have learned a lot. Maybe more than I gained in all my life before it. Some clear, strict rules and principles has been developed. Most of them was heard before, and sure has been heard by all of you too.
However only the personal (and hard) experience is what makes us to differentiate and prioritize certain rules, and start to follow them strictly. Day after day, all the time, without exceptions.

First I wanted to make a quiz for just one statement. But then, to make it more attractive, and differentiated, I decided to make it longer, like a list of them.
I have put these things (rules, statements, recommendations, suggestions, inspirations) all in one place, and sorted them out, moving top important, and most close to my heart - to the top. Finally it ended something like my TOP-10, all related to the one same thing.

So I prepared it as a separate JPEG file. And you have to guess, what is on this list. What ten (10) statements are included ?

Never to much transparency

The file was uploaded to STEEM blockchain, using just recently announced new service on our Steem Blockchain, made by a well known witness @roelandp. You may have read his recent post here

This way I can easy prove, that nothing been changed in the initial file afterwards, in order to avoid paying out the prizes to the winners. The SHA256 of that file is:


and everyone will be able to verify, that nothing been modified since today, and until the winners will be named.
This hash is also visible on my blog's wallet TAB, as a 0.001 transfer to on 8/02/2019
The file is an JPEG type, of this size:
and a hashed version of it without blurred text will be posted on my blog, once the contest is over

What can you win?

I am giving a chance to everyone who qualifies, to win any one of these 3, or even all three prizes:

  • Prize #1 My 100 Steem as a gift to the winner. (Worth max. ~ 45 STU, for comparison)
  • Prize #2 Every day my one 100.0% upvote on your blog's root post, for duration of 1000 hours (41.7 days). (20.02.2019-2.04.2019, worth max. ~ 20 STU)
  • Prize #3 My 1000 SP (steem-power) delegation for 1000 hours (41.7 days). (20.02.2019-2.04.2019, worth max. ~ 8 STU)

Again, any of those three, or ALL THREE can be yours.

What you got to do?

  1. First, your account must be at least 10 days old, and have at least 100 followers. (at the time of expiration of this post & contest)
  2. Second, RESTEEM this post.
  3. Third, put you best guess (reply) as your comment under this post. Multiple replies for the same prize (from the same participant) do not count.
    Upvoting this post, and following me - is not mandatory at all, but sure is appreciated too.

What you have to guess?

  • For prize #1 - Name exactly what phrase (quote) is written in the position #1 on my list.
  • For prize #2 - Name exactly one WORD, which is used in all ten quotes on my list. This is like a main thing, which consolidates all my quotes on the list.
  • For prize #3 - Name exactly at least one other quote from the positions #2 to #10 on my list


  • Shortest quote is three (3) words, longest - twenty three (23) words long.
  • All taken from Internet, and probably heard by you numerous times.

It may seem very difficult at first look, however for some of my followers, who have been reading my posts and comments (and not just upvoting or/and commenting me blind), all this should be more or less an easy task.

If two or more participants give the same, exact, perfect reply - winner is who makes the reply first. Waiting to see what guesses are given by other respondents - may bring you some fresh ideas. But you may entry to late.

It's up to you, to hurry up, or wait for free hint. :)

If no any right guess will be received at all (by the expiration time of this post), I may give the prize #3 to the most meaningful, useful and/or attractive comment author, at my own sole decision.

If you don't like to take part in the contest, but decide to resteem this post anyway - I will make a separate consideration, how I could please you in return, for this kind action. :)

I wish you all luck. And stay strong.
Did you just see? Steem, BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, almost all - made a BIG jump up this evening.

Several Youtube influencers were quick to post:


Another reason to celebrate? 😉


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Laba diena Viktorai, pirmiausiai tai sveikinu jus su 1000-io dienų patirtimi steemit bendruomenėje (kuri jau bus šį pirmadienį) ir linkiu jums pasiekti dar didesni 10000 tūkstančių dienų tikslą, kuris bus po tiek daugybės metų. Kuomet mums taip svarbus ir brangus bitcoinas bus jau pasiekęs savo milijonines aukštumas.O už viska labiausiai linkiu jums to sulaukti ir kad galėtumėte regėti tai savomis akimis :)

So lets talk about: what ten statements are included in your top 10list.
So first of all without expectations we have prioritize certain rules and we have to follow them strictly.
In my experienced opinion the most important 1 thing have to be:
Security of your Private Proof Of Keys. (securing those keys is the main thing we should prioritize)
Sadly, but for most of the times we learn that rule from our personal and hard experience. (I mean, if security is in poor level: we in high risk to lose our Private Keys. and they can be stolen or hacked.
My suggestion:
So the best way is secure them, don't leave your Proof of keys on any exchange and store them in hardware wallets only.

Another thing is Privacy And it is important that privacy we must keep in priority. That's why we have so popular browsers like Brave or brilliant projects like Skycoin.
Unfortunately I won't be in this competition because in steemit community Its my first month and i have only 50 followers.
But still i will resteem that post and i wish everybody good luck in this competition!! :)

Dear @onealfa, i would like to make my best wishes for your 1000 days celebration.
Do you remember about me? I was the one was whining after HF20 and at that time you answer me with very professional way of solve my problems.
Now my situation is very much better, but if i develop myself in Steemit, i should say thanks to @steem-bounty service which allowed me to find many friends and helpers. So if you would like to celebrate the event making a bounty, i am sure many others people will know you and why not knowing you better...;)

Congratulations on the 1000th Day :D
This is really a tricky one...

For fun, that one word is


One of the quotes

Do Not Plagiarise


Thank you for comment and your entry. I really hope people will get intrigued to see the answer (list) revealed, after one week.

Congratulations on 1000’s days on Steemit. I’m quite new on steemit and crypto, but with yours example just showing for all of us, it’s never too late. Respect ✊

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One word guess: crypto(s)

Wow! 1000days on the blockchain ? That's some great achievement congrats wishing you greater heights.

And for the question the 1 word is


Shortest quote

Hardwork do pays

Great contest. Resteemed. I will have to think about my answers a bit. One word I see often is One.

amazing, I like this contest, I'll try it

The word maybe is... Life
And a quote... Believe in yourself

998 days in Steemit is impressive, do you have any advice for new or a little more advanced Steemit users to keep going, earn some money and not quitting?

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Congratulations on 1000 days @onealfa and here's to 1000 more.

Here are my contest guesses:
#1 What goes around comes around
#2 What
#3 Mobile was Internet 2.0. It changed everything. Crypto is Internet 3.0.

A huge well deserved CONGRATULATIONS on your milestone! :))) All the VERY best my Friend! :))) I am VERY proudly following, upvoting and resteeming to my out of this world 2599 followers for which I am MORE than grateful and appreciative for each follower. My guess for the one word is: STEEMIT :)))


I'll say you used the word "buy".

I don't have the 100 followers to join, but this was still an interesting read. Good luck everyone!


Thank you for reading. And your comment.

Congratulations 1000 days on Steemit. Have a great journey on Steemit.

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Congratulations on your anniversary sir, though I've known you for awhile now.

TBH. I can't figure out the list and answers but I've resteemed it.

Once again, happy anniversary.

Congrats for your 1000 days celebrations and but i don't understand the contest and lists


I have compiled a secret list of well known quotes, said by most well-known authors, saying important statements about crucial things in life. Those are very important to me. Especially considering the vast, destructive revolution of cryptos in our world. Judging from my past blog posts, and ideals i often like to promote, my followers can try to guess what those quotes are. An win the prizes. You can do this too.

Happy 1,000 days on the blockchain, I wish you greater and fruitful days ahead. But TBH, I don't understand the contest.
Anyways, Congratulations once again.


I have compiled a secret list of well known quotes, said by most wellknown authors, saying important statements about crucial things in life. Those are very important to me. Especially concidering the vast, destructive revolution of cryptos in our world. Judging from my past blog posts, and ideals i often like to promote, my followers can try to gues what those quotes are. An win the prizes. You can do this too.

Nice contest but very hard to guess

One word may be LOVE

I guess this not for me am new to steemit, I will love too but am new to steemit I don't have up to 100 followers but I really need the steem to help me on the steem blog chain. Plz

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do it now


Is this your guess?


yes sir . i try to guess

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