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RE: I'll Show You The One Thing You Need To Do To Never get Bitten By Cheetah Again!

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Beer Bot and it's creator are now reposting articles from news sites on autopilot and sitting back, collecting. Lol.

Re-reading this and in context of your other post (on upvote requirements in contests) and the comments therein, I feel Cheetah is a good example of peer-to-peer consequence.

Technically speaking, anyone has the ability to post anything they want on the blockchain. It's a Jungle. There is NO law.

However, Steemcleaners have rallied the power of the masses and the power of their account to impose US copyright laws on everyone using the Steem blockchain, regardless of weather of not those laws are applicable in any country outside of the United States.

They're no different than Grumpy Cat imposing his opinion.

Who is the bad guy is subjective. While I personally side with the Steemcleaners— love it, all for it, because I'm an American and I like the privilege of our belief in copyright. But alas, it's just a belief. A blockchain is international. Jurisdiction is blurry. Power is might.

Such is anarchism— which despite my benevolence, fully support, and fully support the right of those who are not so benevolent to be so also. It's like a mutual respect between good and evil. Lol. I'm pretty good at that being a Gemini and all ;)

Some solutions would be:

  • Those who like the old steemit and the power of rule create their own interface with their own governance.

  • Those who want to compete on the present and evolving steemit create more actual opportunities to distribute their own wealth


There is no such thing as decentralization. It’s a bubble.
There will always be people pushing up their believes to others.

I’ll get back with a decent reply to you tomorrow. I’m so exhausted by trying to follow up on everything. It’s days like these that make me realize that English still takes an effort - lol

I feel you. And disagreements as they may be, they're all healthy for mental digestion. I learn a lot from others and their views as well and invite the discussion. I value you and you're contributions and thoughts and I thank you for sharing your points of view.

Engish is a rough language.

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