These Climate Urgency Summit/March organizers have a bad sense of timing. Not a very good idea trying to convince us there is warming going on when Canada enters cold seasons. Lol

I have a feeling we'll have as much a harsh winter as we had last year.

Get your snowblower ready, my friend. Summer is over.

Hey Fellow Southern Albertans! @oldtimer @heroic15397 Nice to cross your paths! Hopefully it chinooks early next week so the snow does not last too long. Not at all ready for winter in September! but, we have had snow storms in Early Oct for the past two years if i remember correctly.

Where do you live if we're southern Albertans?
North pole?

LOL i am in southern AB, east of Cowgary. But looks like south is getting more white stuff than we are!

Actually that's something which is also expected, climate change causes a warmer climate and not necessarily warmer weather (climate != weather).
Warmer earth temperatures lead to a more unstable climate and thus cause more extreme weather events.

I know that, but that's going on all the time regardless of the human race and please don't say we causing climate changes. We have zero impact. Zero.

Do you really think that these enormous quantities of fossil fuels we're burning which the earth incorporated for millions of years, the enormous quantities of forest we're cutting and burning down, also releasing tons and tons of Co2. Do you really think that has no impact on our climate?

There is natural climate change, mostly caused by either sun cycles (which usually come with a lagging co2 cycle too) and there are extreme events like super Vulcanos etc which in the past caused some extreme changes in the earths atmosphere causing a drastic change in climate too.

This time, us, human beings, burning enormous quantities of fossil fuels for decades are part of it. We have a slightly decreasing sun activity but an increasing earth temperature.

I mean, the path of destruction we leave on this planet is so enormous, someone must be really ignorant to believe that this has no impact on our planet and climate at all.

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