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I joined Steem 2nd February 2017. I started blogging on the platform on the 16th day of March. Since then my life has not remained the same.

I met the good and the bad.
I found new friends.
I made extra cash. Lol!
I expanded my knowledge.
I realized my potentials.
I helped as many as I could.
I contributed my quota to the growth of this platform by organizing and sponsoring contests.
I also distributed free Steem to newbies with my Steemitappreciates-you project.

It has been indeed a remarkable journey.

Thank you to all my followers.
Thank you to Steem Devs and management team.
Thank you to all my upvoters.
Thank you to those who read my posts.
Thank you to all those who comment on my posts.

Thank You Steem!

Much love from me to y'all.

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Wow @ogoowinner two years in the platform and you're still riding very high, I must say congratulations, you're one of the people who helped me on this platform and I'm so grateful, I'm happy to see you're two years on steemit, congratulations again


You're welcome. Thanks for having a grateful heart.

Happy 2 years anniversary Gem. Always keep your flames burning

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Thank you.


You are humbly welcome

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On steem everyday is new learning...👍 Congratulation on completing 2 years...awesome ..👌

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Yes we learn everyday. Thanks very much for your comment.

Congratulations, I wish I can be successful like you here on Steemit. I am a newbie in the blogging world and I think Steemit is a good place to start.


Thank you. You will be successful. Just believe in yourself.

Aye aye ma!! Just one year here I was already feeling old, I wonder how you be feeling right now.

Keep the lights on, you never know who you are inspiring.


Hahahaha! I feel like grandma.

Congratulations @ogoowinner for completing two years on such an amazing platform.

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Thanks for the love @ogoowinner


You're welcome.

I am also two years on Steem.It would be nice to know you.Kindly check my blog.
Followed and Upvoted


Really? Congratulations then.

Waoo! Happy steem birthday ma'am. And thanks for the help so far @ogoowinner


You're welcome. Thanks for your comment here.

It's been a long ride. 2 years don waka, you still dey carry go!
I didn't disappear with the bear market or dip, you stayed on. You've stayed strong. Keep pushing on.

Happy Steem anniversary @ogoowinner

Ty followed/ resteemed 🙏