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Hello friends, you would have noticed that I have been kinda scarce here. Well, it's due to a lot of factors including health issues. But I'm back to my full activities on the Steem blockchain.

Did anyone miss me here?

Much love from me to y'all.

Happy Weekend!


Welcome back!

Lotsa things have changed since you were last gone though. For one, Steem is about to Hard Fork in 3 days!

Personally, i think the coolest thing that has happened in @coingecko being on Steem (may be biased here, but really they are the coolest crypto data company).

Have you checked them out! Recently they just put Steem on their Front Page, you can read the post here!

Wow! I'm so pleased to hear this. I'll have the read that up. Thanks very much @awesomianist.

Definitely did miss you @ogoowinner 😃😃 you're looking stunning

I'm back for y'all.

I misseeeeeeed ur lovely post

Lol! Now I'm back what do you have for me?

Hope you will perfectly fit and fine.

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Yes I'm OK. Still on medication though. Thanks very much @karishmasingh711.

At some point, I thought that my ginabot notification had issues. I kept coming to your blog to see if you had a new post there.

Sorry about your health. Thank God you're better now. Glad to have you back 😍😍

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