We Must Change D Change 2019

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Honourable Minister of Transport, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi said if Buhari is not returned as President come 2019, Nigeria will move 10years backwards.

I did the calculation by a count down 10 years from 2019 and got answer of 2009, Then, I quickly checked my diary and discovered that.
10years ago was 2009.
• At that time, fuel was N65 per litre., it is N145 now
• A gallon of 'TOTAL 5000W' engine oil was N750 then, it is N4800 now
• Naira was 150 to $1.
• A bag of cement was N900.
• Food stuff was so cheap in open market.
• A 10kg bag of semovita was N550 then, it is N3100 now
• A 50kg bag of Indian Rice was N5700 then, it is N16,000 now
• A 10kg bag of Wheatmeal was N350 then, it is N2600 now
• N200 would buy enough combination of pepper spices to prepare soup to last for 2weeks then, N200 can only buy 5-balls of tomatoes nowimg1540330670784.jpg

• A tin of Peak milk was N50 then, it is N200 now with low and poorer quality
• A mudu of beans was N120 then, it is N600 now
• We were still using N5 to do shopping
• A mudu of garri was =N=12

After considering all these i said, APC/Buhari government shall be voted out so we could go 10yrs backwards, its better than now.
Pls help to spread the news we must join hands to change this change!!!

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