One passion

in #busy5 years ago

Hi again dear human stemians, and hello to all your bots, if you have any! :)

Since I've been using this account to post about all kind of things, I found out it is better to stick to one area of interest per account.
I'll keep this account for steem software and related stuff. I'm not so active on Discord anymore.

By the way here is some news from busy:

"...we will not be using steemconnect in next versions of busy, and bsteem will be discontinued with the new busy app taking over. Thanks for your patience, we are hard at work at something better, coming soon"

~ jm.myers Today at 8:40 PM

I still need to heal my feelings before I can do more for others.
I guess I'll also be busy exploring my other passions and interests (spirituality, photography, poetry, music, psychology).

Peace and love!

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