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Sometimes climbing a tree yields in some fruits. If someone likes to climb trees, then getting or not getting fruits does not matter so much.

Fruits are a bonus. Votes are a bonus.

Some are lucky to be born in a fruit farm in the garden of eden. Some are born in desert or swamp.

A few people take care of the eden gardens, while a lot more poor people fight each other for surviving.

A few poor people reach eden and take the jobs of those already there, or they help to build more garden/farms under the guidance of those already there.

So the eden slowly grows and becomes more abundant and attractive, until it extends over the desert.

Only a few people have to work on providing for the basic needs of everybody else? Or do all have to work?


Survival is not enough. We need to grow constantly to be happy.

They will grow themselves, as eternal souls, growing infinitely in love, towards the Universe Creator.

Growing rich is not possible for everybody.

The conscience or soul can grow infinitely in love and compassion, in joy and freedom... There is no need for any soul to be fearful, egoistic, sad or enslaved.

By doing good everyday, the souls become better and happier.

If people here become happier, then this steem platform can grow and prosper.

Enjoy the community.


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