All is Well

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I guess it is a nice world in Steem community. All is well. There is some wealth equality.

According to stats today, I could say there are a few hundred Steem gods:
369 Orcas / Whales (SP > 50 000+)
2015 Dolphins (SP < 50 000, SP > 5 000)
According to @arcange graphs I would say there are about:
50.000 mortals alive today
500.000 who ever lived since the beginning of Steem time.

So, thinking positive, we are being:

  1. Compassionate and rarely egoistic. We help others to survive and become God reliant. You know, the God who created the rules of this Universe... He/She is rarely ignored these days, like a big whale. We appreciate His/Her creation and remind the new ones how much we love Him/Her. God has angels, friends who can mediate the communication of feelings between us and Him/Her.

  2. Aware of our basic needs and our passions. We share for free if we produce more than we need. We don't try to become gods like God. We ask for help and for money only to cover for our basic expenses. We enjoy the company of our brothers and our Creator.

  3. Truthful and just in our voting and commenting as if God Him/Herself gave the vote/comment.

Happy spring time here!

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