Treating My Depression

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Upfundme Compliance - @nikema's basic income fund

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This is an attempt to track all of my STEEM post earnings with my fundition tag. The goal is to create a basic income for myself using, upfundme, and steembasicincome.

I recently noticed something about my mental health that is so simple and common-sense that I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier. Here's the big revelation:

Money Helps!

I am blessed in many ways. One of those ways is material. I have my basic needs taken care of. I won't starve, I won't be thrown out of my home even if I can't come up with all the rent. I have multiple devices that I can use to write and publish these posts. I want to make it clear that I know I have it relatively good in my life.

With that said, I have lived with stress and depression for as long as I can remember. Also, my expenses have exceeded my income for a long time. I live in the red. I pay my bills late. I have more creditors than friends.

I noticed that when there's enough money in the bank to pay the bills as they come in I feel better. I feel better when I don't have to check my balance every time I need to make a purchase. It feels good to have a break from needing financial support in order to pay my bills.

I know they say money doesn't buy happiness...

But to a certain extent, it does. There's a level of financial insecurity where many of your problems would be solved by having enough money to take care of life's expenses. When you are in this state, it's like having all these background processes running at the same time. There's no relief. You may not consciously think about it all the time but you know it just takes one fucking thing to go wrong and everything will come crashing down. It's tiring and drains your energy.

I cope by ignoring it as best I can. It's not a great solution because ignoring it doesn't fix the situation. The time comes when you have to face up in some way.

Money can buy treatment

To be continued...

My dirty fur-daughter Chi


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Yes, having to worry about having enough money to pay the bills can definately drag one down. I see you doing alot of good things on Steem and hope the community can help support your needs.


Thanks, @mytechtrail. Good to hear from you. I haven't been as active on the discord servers lately.