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I would have liked to go to Tasmania on my journey just gone to Australia but time and budget wouldn't allow it. Now it looks like it will need to be visited with the variety of landscape on display from your blog!

I hope the move over is successful and enjoy every moment! Congratulations on the steemitworldmap feature 🙂

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Thanks @nickyhavey, I really recommend the visit! So many people miss out little Tassie but it really is so different to the rest of Australia. I hope you make it one day and thanks for the well wishes 😊

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It will be on the growing list of places to visit when I get back in to travelling again and my budget increases 🙂 it does look very different though.

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That’s the only downside of Tasmania - it’s so far away from everything! Happy future travels 😁

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Haha Australia and New Zealand really are different worlds! Happy future travels to you too!

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