Steemtransfer: Theoretical concept

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The main problem that I can see with STEEM and with all current crypto’s is their ease of access. If we want to bring STEEM to mass adoption and normal use then we need to make it much easier to access. Now I have no coding or computer skills to bring this concept to reality and don’t have any idea how or if it can even be done, so all of this is theoretical.

At the moment, anybody wanting to add STEEM to their account or wanting to use their STEEM in real world scenarios has to jump through hoops and exchanges to make this possible.


My vision would be to stand at a debit card terminal, open my steemtransfer app, type in the dollar amount and confirm using steemconnect to tap the debit terminal with my phone.



People with no interest in blogging but who like to use @actifit or @steepshot and earn crypto through their activity would be able to have usable STEEM without ever going near I for one am fully convinced that is where the future of the blockchain will lie.

I know a lot of crypto use will be online but imagine the possibilities of taking crypto earned through an app like @actifit to buy sports equipment. The possibilities are endless and it will be a much easier sell to the rest of the world once we have more real world use.

What I would like to see is an app similar to Google pay that is linked to your STEEM account. Having real time interaction with your account and allowing you to pay with any liquid STEEM or SBD that is sitting in your account. I buy a lot through Steemmonsters and think that it is a great system to convert dollars to STEEM using steem connect.

The other side of this that I would like to see is the ability to link paypal or your card to the app so that you can transfer directly to your STEEM account, either to power up or to have as digital currency. There would need to be a go between your bank and the STEEM blockchain but this could be done through the app at current market values.


The goal for me in all of this would be to make crypto accessible to everybody and through that push STEEM to the forefront of this charge. I think that with all of the applications coming onto the blockchain that we have a great chance to lead the charge for mass adoption. My background is in business and retailing for the past 15 years so if there is one thing that I know it’s that people like convenience and the system as it stands is the total opposite to that. We need to make everything simpler for the next wave of people to get involved in progressing blockchain technology.


*While for me this is all theoretical due to my level of abilities I would love to see somebody who could bring it to life. I would love to run marketing and promotion for a project like this. *

The first step would be to secure the idea.
Create an account to operate from as a project like this would firstly need to recruit the right team of people to bring it to life. Trademark any names and business needed to match. Then to start off we would be posting about the idea and trying to get the right people involved. Secondly it would raise funds through posting to enable the conversation to begin. Talk to other apps that would benefit from this to get their support on the project.

There would be so many angles to cover that it would take a few months just to set up the roadmap, research the laws and regulations behind operating such a business and set up the various aspects of how it would even operate before starting to write the code for such a complicated undertaking. You would also have to consider an internal market for SMT’s as all the various apps will have their own token and it would be vital to be able to transfer this to STEEM in the future.


As I said, I don’t know what is involved in writing the programme for an app such as this so I won’t even comment on it. What I would like to start with is a Project Manager. This would be the person who knows what the vision is and gets the right people in the right place to achieve this. Next would be a PR or company spokesperson. They would be vital to go between the team and the general public to keep people informed and to recruit for the necessary positions. Vital to this would be somebody with the experience of setting up a company from scratch and all of the legwork that goes with it.

After that you would need to find people with the necessary skills to design and develop such a project and with the willingness to do so. If it was built the final pieces would be to link in a marketing expert who can work with PR to push the final product into the world and drive it use n the general public.


This is a tricky one and depends on a lot of different factors. It depends on the legislation, the team that you put together and the amount of work required to get the project up and running.
Once the app was up and running it would be necessary to charge a fee per transaction to pay for costs and developments. I think 1% of transactions to start which can be adjusted downwards as volume increases and the start up costs have been covered. Ideally the app would have a large enough volume to bring it down to 0.1% over time with incentives back to user.

From researching a few app sites the prices can range anywhere from $500 for the most basic to $500,000 to get a professional company involved. I used the site to narrow that down slightly by putting in some details about the project and was quoted £35,100 as the cost to make my outlined app.


As I have said this is fully theoretical and I don’t have the resources or skills to set up an app such as this. What I would like is to have the conversation about the project and any thoughts that it brings up. I had this in my head before and just wanted to put it together after seeing a related post on Steemit.



Some valid points you make @niallon11. I'm really excited about the SMTs and people outside of Steemit to be able to grow and monetze their Websites with them.

That's the hope anyway. Listening to meno on discord right now and he is going through a lot of the points from steemfest. There is a lot of positive projects coming. And lots to watch in the next 6 months.

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The main issue is not a technical one.
The problem is to get steem widely accepted as a currency for regular commerce.

Regular people still see crypto currency as high risk and very volatile. And to be honest there is truth in that when you see how cryptos have fluctuated in just one year.

Regular currencies are backed by central banks.
Most people trust that.
It's a leap of faith for street merchants to start trading in cryptos.

100% that is why this should be regarded more as instant conversion with steem going in and fiat getting payed out the other side. A bridge of sorts.

Right now crypto and fiat are two totally different operating systems with fiat being tried and tested and integrated into everything. What we are trying to do right now is get people to move away from this to another system with potential but not much infrastructure yet. To do this we need to start building more bridges to get people to the other side. Actual use is probably 5 plus years away for brick businesses and people won't jump across that gap they need to be led. Everything being developed right now are bridges but the bigger and easier they are to use the quicker people will end up on the other side.

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I think the problem wouldn't be the consumers who would gladly use a dapp. The problem is getting a large scale of merchants on board accepting any/all crypto - not just steem.

Coinpayments, I think, has the best potential for this right now. They have already set everything up for merchants to put crypto shopping carts on their websites. They also have a quick point of sale in the app so a merchant could easily set up a small tablet at the register to accept payments in person. They accept a ton of crypto and it would be easy for merchants to implement both in store and online. They also have a quick-convert that will change all crypto they have to Bitcoin so the merchant doesn't have to be too picky with what they accept. The trick is getting your average convenient store merchant to accept and use something like that, though.

Exactly that would be fairly similar to what i was proposing with this. Not that the merchants would accept crypto but that the app would instantly convert crypto to fiat for payment to the merchant. That way We could use our STEEM to pay the app which pays the shop.

I think that we are still a long way from using crypto straight so until then there will need to be a go between for purchasing as they all run off so many networks and systems. That is why Coinpayments would be a good option for online shopping and this would be an option for in place transactions.

They also have a quick point of sale in the app so a merchant could easily set up a small tablet at the register to accept payments in person.

This sounds interesting as it is taking on the same idea just from a different angle with the tablet doing the conversion rather than the app. Thanks for the input.

So many great suggestions!

I would love the app, as long as it worked with desktops as I am not mobile.

Acceptance by PayPal would be bliss too.

I appreciate the points made by @irelandscape but I think posting these suggestions is a good idea.

It would take a lot of work to get all of this put together and plenty time as well as a lot of other ideas that did not fit into the post but to get it started wouldn't be that bad. The first couple of points would be manageable, fast enough and without huge investment but the debit side would take longer. I think the more that we post and discuss ideas like this the quicker they will come to life. If the right people see these posts and decide to take on the project then it will happen. Some people can build but not without being given the vision first. Some people have the vision but not the skills to build it.

We will see lots of development over the next couple of years and i would expect there to be something similar enough to this as part of it.

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