Eagle & Chicken

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Eagle & Chicken

How did a eagle hunger fall into chicken pockets? There was a great pity of a chicken in the situation of poor childhood, it grew up by raising a child like a child. The eagle is a bit bigger, he is bigger than the chicken around him. But, like the chickens themselves, it is quite like chickens. They stay with them, sleep with them, they are just as frightened as they are.


One day he was going with his brothers, suddenly a fly was flying in the sky. Looking at the big bird, what is the flickering of his fan, what he is flying in the sky, in the sky - the whole eye of the eagle was soaked! The mother went to the chickens and said, "What is this bird? Can not we fly like this? "

"What a fool! How do we fly? That's an eagle bird, it's impossible for us to fly! "

The little eagle took a sigh and walked with the flock. The poor did not realize that he had to fly in the sky like a king.

Think of yourself, imagine this place in the eagle?


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