Some Random Art Work I did.

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like to post some random art stuff we did some time ago to see which style people like best.
What i try to do is to create a cartoon feel from photo's.
I am interested in industrial photographs, trains, planes & automobiles, nature & fine machinery.
Please let me know in the comments which picture you like best?

Gold mine cart in cartoon style:

Old gas station in cartoon style:

Modern architecture in cartoon style:

Space Shuttle Endeavour is a retired orbiter from NASA's Space Shuttle program and the fifth and final operational shuttle build.

For more cartoon style art check @news-today or @elohibaluk

eye cartoon.jpg


Thank You Sir.
So do eye.

love the petrol staation and the eye...very cool xxx

Dude....That eye looks so real to me...

Nice work!

Nice work! I got some chopper pics I just took you need to take a look at.

Thanks. I did some of your pics and i liked how they turned out.
They are posted on my blog. Enjoy, following you for more great pics.

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