Ancient zamindarbari mahira located in Mirzapur of Tangail district

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There is no second place in this beautiful and well-preserved Mithrabari country. Mirzapur is located on the Dhaka-Tangail Highway, about four kilometers south of the Mahida zamindarbari. Since 1972, this house has the police training center, because the whole landlord is very good condition. From Dhaka to the day of the day, it can be visited from the zamindarabari. Apart from the Dhaka-Tangail highway, the eyes will be stuck in the spiral along the spiral way, from some ancient structures. The estate is spread over eight acres. Two of the main gates. Apart from this, there are huge three main buildings in this zamindari bari. Along with Kacharagar, Naib Sahib's house, Gostusta house, Dighi and three lodge At the beginning a huge tank The name is its vivid sea. Inside there are three well-known palaces. There are a few more buildings, temples etc. inside. Three palaces standing in the same row in front of the green courtyard are the main attractions of Mahida zamindarabari. The right-end palace is named Chowdhury Lodge, the middle of the fun lodge and the Maharaja Lodge in the left hand. There are lion doors in the entrance of each palace. There are two ponds named Ranipukur and Pasarapukur behind the buildings. It is believed that the women members of the house used to use these ponds. On the back there is another famous palace called Kalicharan Lodge, in Mahida zamindari bari. But it is smaller than the front three palaces. Next to the Kalikaran Laws, the temple of Mahida zamindarbari built in the finest architectural style

Tangail buses from Mohakhali Bus Station, Dhaka, Nilola, Dhaleshwari, Jhatika etc. Rent 120 to 160 taka These buses will have to face some of the Jamukuri bus station on Dhaka-Tangail highway. There are signature boards near the highway. At the beginning of the road there are instructions on how to travel. The necessary information is the entry fee for the landlord at 80 rupees.


The people there are very happy, and the place is not so clean You will see lots of dusty people who will go, keep the landlady clean.


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YOur all post are awesome .........your travel spot are good

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Really nice place
i will go and visit this wonderfull place

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