"lorjuk" is a rare type of shellfish

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Although not as famous as his siblings such as green mussels, blood clams, batik shells or bamboo shells, the taste of lorjuk shells is not to be doubted.

This type of shellfish is most often found precisely in the Pamekasan Madura region, because the waters here tend to be sloping and flat. In addition, these long-shaped shells will be able to live well on the beach with high salt levels and are usually difficult to find because they hide behind mud.

Another name for Lorjuk is Jackknife. These molluscs tend to be physically small, which are in the range of 2 to 3 inches. Although small, but the protein content is not inferior compared to other types of shellfish. The body shape is elongated and pointed at one end, at a glance like bamboo shells.

As with other types of shellfish, lorjuk must be processed fresh. If left too long or not processed quickly, it can rot faster. Therefore, various culinary uses of this clam as a basic ingredient, must be made in the condition of fresh clams so that the taste of the resulting food is more delicious.

Lorjuk, for some people, seems ridiculous. But these shells can be processed in various ways starting from boiled, fried krispi, dipepes, dioseng, sauteed, processed into rengginang, as a mixture of tempeh to become a mixture of culinary soup like soto. All of them produce flavors that are very distinctive, unique and delicious

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