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Contributing to other steemains, adding value to their steem journey, is the only way to gain another steemians to buy-in, and it’s one of the few ways to get others to believe in you. For obvious reasons, this is important in many facets of life: leadership, friendships, relationships, connecting with new people, and especially with your fellow steemians.

If we want other steemians to respect us, then we must add value to their steemit journey —otherwise we’re just dead steemian.

Thankfully with Steem Ecosystem, there are many ways we can add value… And my authentic way is to adding value to STEEM DApps which are creating the future of STEEM.

Create something someone can use, Example all the STEEM DApps and Apps
Inspire someone to take action and Steem more
Lend a helping hand
If you can, talk to other steemian,s one on one or try to meet them in person
Be a shoulder to cry on
Show someone how to do something
Show someone a better way to Steem
Provide a new perspective
Lead by example
Listen more
Resteem more
Engage more within Steemit not so much on Discord
Give your full attention to others post
Just be there for someone when they ask for feedback or help
Love all of your fellow steemians
Stay connected with your fellow steemians

No matter how we contribute, it’s important to add value in an authentic way. We’ve all benefited from someone’s contribution in the past, Thus, we find it important to pay it forward by adding value to other people whenever we can

STEEM On and STEEM DApps needs your contribution


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I am also trying to add value by giving guide to the newbies who just joined on steemit and make their introduction post.
My value adding is quiet differen.
I make comment on their post and give them information about steemit,dtube,dlive,steepshot,dsound, and many with discord tips.
I hope it will help them.


When you add value to others the universe will add more value to you and may be not immediately.

Keep on adding value!!


that's a great way of adding value for sure!

Hello Dnomad, In future I add more value to my fellow steemians through upvote/ comment and reblog their contents with your high valuable SP delegations. I'm not a dead steemians. Only 2 days leave from steemit with my fun safari. I totally accept where you show what's better step we must need to do our fellow steeminas for growth u their steemit journey.


I’m happy to hear my brother:)

Happy Steeming 😊

Youre exactly right and I do think some people realize this. I myself have been more active during dips simply because that is where the real value is. You still earn and networking is much easier. The onboarding process is easier as well because the buy in is so low for new members. It is a win win win.


Super happy to see you’re an active Steemian!

Keep on Steeming my friend and your contribution appreciated :)

Hello @nathanmars sir

Of course you just said we should give more time here. Of course we can get something like this. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful communication with us and to be in a relationship with us and to learn a lot about us.


I’m happy to hear your positive feedback my friend:)

i think it is a great ecosystem where we can engage with each other, we should respect each other & give more time on this platform it going to be a great.


Definitely we should give more time on this platform and always try to improve our work :)

I agree with you.
Giving added value should be incorporated in our lifestyle
in all roles. Then you feel that you are fulfilling your mission in this world.

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Well said my friend!

Happy STEEMing :)

I can pretty much guarantee that once Steem starts to skyrocket, like we all know that it will, these dead Steemians will be coming out of their graves and reaching into the pile.

That's okay though, by not being active Steemians now they're seriously damaging their future and the future of their own bank account..


I can’t blame them either because most of them live pay check to pay check and when steem price is law their income from steem gets low and they disappear. Only few knows when to build their foundation for their future income with Steem.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world :)

Happy Steeming!!!

Yes, there are many ways to adding value, we need to move and full usage should start now.

STEEM On and STEEM DApps needs your contribution.


Yes absolutely there are many ways to add value :)

Well said @nathanmars 👌

Just brought me to my yesterday post about deas steemian. I have many deas followers than active one. On checking I found out most of them have left the platform 3 or 4 months ago . there is no contribution from the. @nathanmars if condition remain same ....we have hardly fe left to carry on with the platform....everyone is busy in making quick buck rathef than community contribution.

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Poor people have poor mindset and they don’t know any better

Let’s show them how to contribute and get rewarded:)

Sharing is caring in here and the way you are doing your part is indeed something amazing that I should say :)

Keep steeming buddy


Thanks a lot for your compliments my friend!

Amen brother, I may be a discord community founder but I stress the importance of on chain interactions! My number one thing I suggest is make an investment in yourself and the platform we are using, from their as you have done delegations to those portals you wish to support!

Joining the Partiko party has inspired me to move forward with posting often and as I am finding my outreach to the newbies has expanded thus allowing me to show them the way to find success. I may not be financially wealthy but I have an infinite resource of information and ideas for nearly any situation.

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I totally agree with on chain Discord interactions are valuable and I’ll figure out how to take advantage of Discord.

I rarely use my beloved social media twitter and YouTube because of I want to be support steem much as I can.

As an entrepreneur I see an opportunity that others don’t see by limiting my Discord activities.

Happy to hear that Partiko is adding value to your steem life and will be start using it again soon.

Let’s focus on what we’ve to get what we need. Also I still haven’t forgot your request though!

Happy STEEMing :)


I am the same with MS social media, it’s pretty well just my advertising platforms for my steemit works 😎

I think discord’s best function is based around the bots that work with the STEEM ecosystem, if you can think of what you want it can be created such as our #OneLoveDTube curation post being generated through curation selections in the promo channels.

Ohh I didn’t think you had forgotten, I am a hard guy to forget 😉

Thanks again and enjoy your day dude!

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Right on, @nathanmars.
That's the idea. Since i haven't been able to navigate discord channels confortably, i have been trying to interact more direclty in people's blogs and helping new users (some of them my students) who may need some basic guidance or just a pair of eyes for one of their ideas.
I think that that is gratifying. I hope to grow my SP so that i can help other with my upvotes, delegations, etc.
Here's a recent example

Adding value is the glue that holds communities together. Everyone helping out and doing their part makes for a harmonious and fruitful ecosystem that will last for generations 👍🏻

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I have uploaded one dtube video today....

Sometimes time just runs away and before you see again you havent posted something in steemit for a while.

Thanks for the words.
They are really helpful. In addition to all what you have pin pointed, i would say that we all need each other to grow on steemit. Helping another steemian grow is very beneficial to the community and to ourselves. Ride on @nathanmars. keep the good works going sir.


Nice to meet you my friend and I’m happy you know @k-banti:)

That is true @nathanmars. Keep adding value to the steem ecosystem.


Thanks 🙏

Good. I like this.

Yeah bro👍! true talk, that is one of my dream on this platform.