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in #busy4 years ago


Una doh o! Our topic today na about jolification.
Wetin be say if you do am, ein go dey totori your body? My pipo, make you no stop to do that o, because life na one man on his own.

Make you no use because say, some pipo dey laugh you, or dey tell you say you don grow pass am, take stop wetin dey make you jolly.

Life sweet well well o, but you go learn to live your life the way wey you want am without other people's interference, before you go begin enjoy your life as you take want am.

Oya o. Wetin be that thing wey dey make you happy? Ngwa quick go do am and enjoy yourself.


Omo! When everywhere gallant, akkant full n business dey boom, my heart go just dey sweet me ehn. My whole body go just dey turnioniown.

LMAO! OK o. That's good.

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