Look into your collars, never look for other's errors.

in busy •  2 years ago  (edited)

we seek to observe others than ourselves, we always try to infiltrate in other's faulty arguments, we always looks to find logic of being perfect in other's eyes while de-constructing them.
People do have faults and they do mistakes, while we can't see ourself, we've been wrong too but we never look into our own mistakes.
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How true @muhammadatif1992 that we never look into our own mistakes, and yet we are the first to point them out to others who make them.. what sad people we are. Oh well we all can't be perfect LOL

Perfection is far greater, but we are not even closer to better one's. We are poorly acting to confront others for their mistakes, but never stands for our own accountability.

@muhammadatif1992, again how very true... Keep well and safe @racykacy

Thank You :-)

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