A Night Out In Avebury. Europe’s Largest Stone Circle.

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So being bored earlier this afternoon I thought the hell with it... I fancy a little road trip. I don’t do night clubs or party atmospheres (nothing sadder than a middle aged man acting like he’s in his twenties still) and as Halloween is tomorrow I figured I’d celebrate it early....quietly...with limited and enjoyable company. So I jumped in the car, shoved a good friend in the car with me, and struck out for Avebury.

For those of you who aren’t native to Britain Avebury is a huge stone circle complex that has a village that sprouted up in the middle of it. It’s believed to be arguably older than Stone Henge and is probably one of my favourite spots in the Southwest.


Sadly I didn’t beat the sun set by very much by the time I arrived so we only got a few pics of the stones. However the pub is always open which is where I’m sitting as I type this. Apparently the pub claims to be the most haunted pub in the UK... this is a claim that all pubs make and sadly most American tourist lap it up. I’m a dual citizen raised between the states and London so I’m kinda sympathetic to both sides of the pond when it comes to tourist trap trickery.


Nah... I never pay for parking here. A hint if it’s after six in the evening... drive into the village and park on the side of the road. No one cares on lazy evenings as long as your quiet and don’t block anyone’s drive.


This is kinda cool. My table at the pub is a former well from the 16th century. They basically capped it off with a glass top and chucked some plants and artificial lighting with live plants in the bottom. Quirky but fun to get a cozy buzz going at.


Haunted or not the pub is a pretty nice local though it’s chain run by Green King. These pubs are basically run by our large chains but window dressed to look local. Foods pretty average but unlike most places that are chain run the staff are great and the pub manager does take good care of his ales.... and really ale was I brought a designated driver...erm.. I mean friend along for this evening.

It has turned out to be an interesting evening though as we have met a variety of nice down to earth folks. Tomorrow apparently the village will be flooded as new age folk tend to pour in to celebrate the solstice. We have bumped into a group of French paranormal investigators so we have decided to stick around and see what they get up to...maybe take some pictures of the stones at night. I actually couldn’t help but find it kinda cool.... I mean the whole paranormal investigation thing... to each their own. But these folks rocked up in two huge RV’s and brought their families with them with all the gadgets and gear. Taking your kids out to view the stars around ancient monuments definitely seems far better than a theme park trip soaked in junk food.

The village is an interesting one though and due to it being... well in the middle of a huge stone circle that’s believed to predate the pyramids it’s become the home to various authors and celebrity documentary film making types. As it’s the night before the solstice there’s already rumours of different sorts potentially popping their heads up tonight so could be interesting. If that is the case (kinda hoping) then I’m picturing and posting it up for all you great Steem folks. If not then in the next post it’s probably just going to be night time photography of the stone circles. Hopefully I can get some decent ones.

Well guys that’s it for now. I’d write and take more pictures but I’ve gotta beer to get to. Thanks for giving my post a read and looking forward to all your awesome posts and projects. Keep on steeming.

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